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H for honour, H for Huey

13 Dita 2,421, 14:34 Britania e Madhe Hapat e parë në eRepublik Hapat e parë në eRepublik

I am rather reluctant about wasting any time beyond 5 minutes
of my precious life in this thing called erep. Regretfully, I've been
compelled to do so, now.

There aren't many guys around like Huey George, and whilst Internet is an awful

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When unity is selfishness

14 Dita 2,419, 05:12 Britania e Madhe Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

This is what happened at #euk this morning,
realize the meaning of 'unity' :

<SerFartsalot> it's all a plan to qipe us out after BA win
<SerFartsalot> Keers' help to euK
<SerFartsalot> *wipe
<SerFartsalot> Jack_Jockson: so you're not clear

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The importance of being .... fresh

8 Dita 2,415, 14:50 Britania e Madhe Hapat e parë në eRepublik Hapat e parë në eRepublik

One of the most striking facts about erep is the huge number of old players prowling around, dictacting what to do, what to ally and what to think.

In some cases, freshness is just attacked with harsh criticism or outright insults.

I want to

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Guerrilla war...before you start.

1 Dita 2,413, 14:43 Britania e Madhe Urdhërat e Luftës Urdhërat e Luftës

Read a lot about it before starting, since, if you get too many defeats you won't get any bonus. So just make sure you win even your first one.

Read my previous article and don't be impatient about winning.

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Time to make money... with the frenzy competition

8 Dita 2,408, 08:22 Britania e Madhe Biznes Financiar Biznes Financiar

Yeah, I have just bought 2000CC worth Q7 weapons just to sell it in these days, since prizes are going to go up and up, reaching 20 or even 30CC.

You can do it as well, and remember that buying Q7 is the safest bet although you can buy other

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