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Countries official newspapers

Dita 1,828, 03:34 E Publikuar në United Kingdom Turqia nga mittekemuis

Hi there, fellow countrymen/women & friends,

Being back in the UK made me want to be more active again so I joined the MoFA team. It is my belief that there can never be too much information and that is why I bring you this article.
It’s basically a long list of official country newspapers really. Just to make your eLives easier! In my opinion it is always handy to follow most of the eWorld news to get a grip on what is going on. I will not promise that I have all countries covered because some just use personal newspapers to get their message across and others just didn’t bother answering the mail I send them. When you click on a banner you will find it links you to the country’s wiki page for even more information. However, I would like to encourage most countries to get cracking on updating the information.

This was a huge task and I would love to thank two friends for helping me with it. First there is RequiemDomine who over the years of playing made sure he subscribed most official newspapers and provided me with 70% of the links I present you today. Second, I want to thank Ayame Crocodile for making all 70 dividers. I know for a fact he has worked on them for hours on end.

At the end I also included some of the most famous and worthy private newspapers. Of course that is my opinion and I would like to hear your opinion about that. I would love for you to put equally good newspapers or even better ones in the comment section.

As it goes with information, it is not worth a thing when it’s not widespread so I encourage you to vote, sub and shout this article.

Albania didn’t get back to me after I send their CP a PM, but I suspect Albania has to work with personal newspapers to get the message across.

Ministerio de Salud

Ministerio de Defensa

Ministerio de Difusion

ADF Battlecry

Aus Ministry of Education

Aus Dept of Defence

Aus Dept of Information

Der Soldat


MoFA Belarus

Belarus Support

eBelarus Battle Orders

MinInfo - eBelarus Today

Belarus Financial Times

eBE MoF News and Reports

The eBelgian Congress

Citizen Defence Orders

Belgian Encyclopedia

Belgium Info

Bolivia Magnifica

eBiH Foreign Office

Sluzbene novine eBiH

Ministerio da Defesa

Diario Oficial do Brasil

Voice of Brazil

MdE - Diario Educativo

Armeiski Vestnik

Narodno Subranie

Educational Press

BG Foreign Affairs Office

President of eBulgaria

Bulgarian High Commission

eCBC Canada

Canadian National Defense

The Hill Times...

Ejercito de Chile

Cancilleria de eChile


Ministry of SinoDefence

Chinese Diplomatic Corps

Ministry of SinoEducation

eChina News

PBoC Records

eChina congress news

Boletin mindefensa

El diario del congreso

Hrvatski vojnik

Croatian Foreign Office

Glasnik Predsjednika eHR

Glasnik HSP-a

Personal newspapers are used for communication.

The e.Economist

Fortified Concept

Kaka Mantata

ReMiix’s News

Czech Republic doesn’t have organisation-based newspapers so they use their own to get the news for their people.

Hardly any media at all. Not surprising of course...

Egypt never got back to me on my request and I don’t see any press activity atm.

Eesti Kaitse

MoFA of eEstonia

Valtion Sanomat

Bulletin du MinEco

Journal Officiel

Info Defense

Info Solidarite

Journal des Diplomates

Journal du Congres

Bundesbank News


Der Bundesanzeiger

Words of eGermany

Ministry of Community

The-Voice of Eden

Ministry of Press GR

Kulugyi Kozlony

Hadugyi Kozlony

Magyar Kozlony

Oktatasi Kozlony

Voice of eHungary


Didn’t get back to me on my request. Apart from a few personal newspapers I see no real press activity either.

Istana Negara

MoFA eIndonesia

S.E.R.I - Dephan Orders

Training School


Irish DoD Orders

Irish Foreign Affairs

The Treasurer’s Office

Due to real life issues I will not push Israel for more information now but I can give you the CP newspaper link for this month.

My Israel

Gazetta Ufficiale di Governo

Arditi d’eItalia

Esercito eItaliano

Corpo d’Elite eItaliana

Written in Hokkaido

Latvijas Kareivis

Kara Ministrija (Citizen Account)

Lietuvos Kariuomene

No information as of yet.

El Presidente Informa

Ejercito de eMexico

MoFA Mexico

OBM Media Services

Boletin Sac

Sluzbeni list eCrne Gore

Ministarstvo Odbrane CG

Glas Biljarde

MUP Crne Gore

Bulletin Diplomatique

eNL Foreign Affairs

Army Central Command

Onderwijs & Cultuur


Mod New

No official newspaper that I know of.

As far as I can see there no official newspapers for them. Just personal newspaper articles.

No information available at this time.

Peru didn’t get back to me with information and as far as I can see there are no official newspapers.

Encyclopaedia Filipiniana

National Defense Bulletin

BOP Financial Review

ePinoy Entertainment

Ministerstwo Obrony

Dziennik Urzedowy NBP

Informator MSZ

Marszalek Kongresu

Wojsko Polskie

Gazeta Rzecznika Rzadu

Boletim da Presidencia

Boletim do MD

Boletim do MDS

Jornal do Tesouro

Legislative Yuan Gazette

[Ministry of the interior

MoFA Macedonia

Adevarul eMoldova

Ministerul Apararii MD

Ministerul de Externe

Ministrul Apararii

eRussian MoD


MoFA of eRussia

Russia Day by Day

I-G-D News

Vojska Srbije

Uputstva za igru

Sluzbeni Glasnik eSrbije

The Voice of eSerbia

Glas Predsednika eSrbije

Elita News

eSingapore Insider

Ministerstvo Obrany SR

Ministerstvo Financii

Ministerstvo Vzdelavania

Obrambno Mimistrstvo

Urad za informiranje RS

University News

They only have personal newspapers.

No information available for now.

Boletin de AAEE

Boletin de Defensa

Comunicacion BOE

Ministerio de Economia

Noticias para el novata


Swedish Diplomatic Corps


Swiss Diplomatic News

Government of Switzerland

S.A.F. Guardian

Thai Ministry of Defence

I didn’t hear back from Turkey. Hoping that they will read this and correct it.

MoD Bulletin

Diplomacy of eUkraine

President of eUkraine

Propaganda Ministry eUA

Statistics of eUkraine


Bank of England News

MoD News

eUK Home Office News

UK Foreign Office


Education Today

The Speaker’s Word

White House Press Room

DoD Orders

US Department of State

eUS Interior Department

Gobierno eVenezolano

Presidencia de eVenezuela

Boletin Diplomatico, RREE

some of the most famous and worthy private newspapers

Some of them might not be as active as they used to be but I am kinda hoping they will pick up their writing pen again …

1. Roar of the Lion (Phoenix Quinn)
2. The Economist (Iain Keers)
3. Primitive Thinking (Chutley)
4. That guy (jamesw)
5. Life with MaryamQ (...)
6. Home Front Heros (Kelly Mahoney)
7. A Rookie’s Foolish Ideals (shoi)
8. Le Diplomat (Monsieur Guillontine)
9. The People’s Gazette (Mr Woldy)
10. Women in Uniform (Zeeuwsmeisje)

Yours truly,



Ithilwen Dita 1,828, 03:57

Good to see doublestandard back, love!
*kiss* and voted, ofc.

NiederHaven Dita 1,828, 03:58

Voted. Excellent article.

Niemand Dita 1,828, 03:58

Impressive. Thanks!

flasckq Dita 1,828, 04:10

Thx dear queen o/

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Dita 1,828, 04:13


nice graphics by acroc

RaviMirza Dita 1,828, 04:18

this is really helping thanks o7

and nice graph ; )

MaryamQ Dita 1,828, 04:19

Nice work, mittekemuis. I think The Double Standard should be on the must read list, myself. I also often enjoy Pickle Barrel and Primitive Thinking.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Dita 1,828, 04:42

Brilliant article, Such a massive undertaking Mitte and impressive to see it all come together into such a great resource!

(And for the record Nordic Crosses, Switzerland and South Africa...Your national flags are a huge nightmare to make recognisable in a 20px high image ¬ ___ ¬ )

santirub Dita 1,828, 05:24

Very nice =****

Gyantse Dita 1,828, 05:55

Nice work

Thomas765 Dita 1,828, 06:12

Nice work. Endorsed by the UK MoFA : D

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dita 1,828, 06:30


Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Dita 1,828, 06:51

Nice article!

For ePhilippines, these are the national org-based newspapers:

although not all are always in use since some of the presidents and cabinet members prefer using their own newspapers.

Cooke4444 Dita 1,828, 06:57


Most awesome newspaper: "The fun side"
Why am I not in it?
You disappoint me, mitteke :p

mittekemuis Dita 1,828, 07:17

Thank you Vincenzo Roque

Thedillpickl Dita 1,828, 07:25


There is too much information!!!

Shoi12 Dita 1,828, 07:46


Alphabethis Dita 1,828, 09:38

to be bookmarked

plutorius Dita 1,828, 09:47

v+s, thanks!

lancer450 Dita 1,828, 11:29


Thedark ace
Thedark ace Dita 1,828, 12:08

Glorious, voted ^__^

exFelllix Dita 1,828, 12:31


Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Dita 1,828, 12:34


Finway Dita 1,828, 12:52

xaxa Im in : D
Good Job : )

Dio Luciferi
Dio Luciferi Dita 1,828, 19:08

voted for people that actually will read, subbed when people do.

Ghost of Tom Joad
Ghost of Tom Joad Dita 1,828, 19:30

D@mn, Now I'll sub to yours

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Dita 1,828, 19:42


Piran Dita 1,829, 23:12

Superb job o7

Mr. Spigot
Mr. Spigot Dita 1,829, 01:29

Excellent work. V + S

Hiraishin619 Dita 1,829, 06:12

no kiss no vote :l

mittekemuis Dita 1,829, 06:54

♥ you Cebec

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Dita 1,829, 08:01

Nice article ! Thank you !! v+s

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Dita 1,829, 11:23

this is great!

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Dita 1,829, 11:24

u rock

Mongis Dita 1,829, 11:26


Klynn Dita 1,829, 15:02

Great to have everything at the same place.

TheUnit EmuSV
TheUnit EmuSV Dita 2,212, 07:23

Wow Mitte, great job you did here o/

Falling Bridge
Falling Bridge Dita 2,212, 07:29

This message Yoda approves. Great and very useful, this is! Thank you. Herh herh herh.

tucan619 Dita 2,212, 07:45

nice article!!! voted

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