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[FedPP] a term in reflection

Dita 1,873, 14:59 E Publikuar në USA SHBA nga Duncan Crowe

Part I - Introduction

Fellow Federalist Party Members (and non-Feds too :3),

This month, leading the Federalist Party with the help of my VPP, Jefferson Locke, and countless others in leadership, was a very enjoyable experience.

I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to serve as your party president for the month of December 2012 and into January of 2013.

Now, let's look back at the highlights of my term, before the nomination thread goes up tomorrow and you begin to think of a new pp-elect.


Part 2 - Highlights of my Term

#1 - Fed Radio

Coming into my PP term, Federalist Radio was one of the things that I was steadfast in getting set up and run. Jefferson Locke, Tiacha, fingerguns, and Eliwood Sain all helped me to accomplish my goal of hosting a Federalist Radio Show.

We were able to acquire a eFPR account, and during my term, we had three episodes:

#1 - Link

#2 - Link

#3 - Link

While eFPR is far from perfect, I am proud to co-host it along with Jefferson Locke, Tiacha, and fingerguns. It has been a great experience in my term and I look forward to continuing this in the new year.

#2 - Recruitment/Rising to #2

During my term, the Federalist Party was able to rise from the #3 party ranking spot to the #1.

Due to the awesome Federalist recruiting tactics, I am very pleased to see the Federalist Party continue to rise in the rankings. Even now, we continue to close the gap between the AFA and the true American parties.

Despite having to move Fed. members to prevent the AFA from taking over a t5, we still have been able to acquire many more members and keep old ones under our wing.

It's awesome to see the Federalist Party in this spot, because I've seen it much lower, and it was much lower when I initially joined this party a few months ago.

Continuing to gain rank and prestige, it's awesome to see the Federalist Party take the #2 spot under my party presidency. We are only 169 people from the AFA!!

#3 -Continuing AHH Supply

During my term, AHH QMs supplied over 10,000 weapons to those who needed them, and I think this is entirely worthy of praise. Keeping something like this running requires an astronomical amount of effort as it gets, on average, 100 + requests a day.

While I did have other commitments, I always made sure that this program was supplied on a day to day basis, doing it personally if it was not. Having awesome QMs such as Jefferson Locke, Kody5, and stewy helped, and I thank them for their effort.

If you don’t know what this program is, here is the latest article published on AHH:

That article has links to all of the previous articles, which you are completely invited to read if you want.

Part 3 - Conclusion

Overall, I feel that this term has been awesome. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to lead a very dedicated, very innovative, and a very hard-working group of people. It has certainly been a pleasure.

I <3 all of you Feds. Thanks for letting me be your PP! I cannot think of a party that I would rather lead.

Remember that the PP nomination thread goes up tomorrow!! If you have liked this PP term, please, nominate me! I am really interested in having the opportunity to lead this party with a FED CP.

Thanks for reading!

Please vote, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed!

forever and always p/h,

Fed. Party Page -
Fed. IRC -


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dita 1,873, 15:04

first reserved for fed p/h

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dita 1,873, 15:10

um, you do realize we have like 100 people we can recall from EAU and we'd be higher?

propaganda fail

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dita 1,873, 15:14

Dunks has been an awesome PP!


Tiacha Dita 1,873, 15:15

p/h. Yay dunks!

fingerguns Dita 1,873, 15:26

I'm gonna nominate you!!!!!


The Joshua Tree
The Joshua Tree Dita 1,873, 16:35


bigcdizzle Dita 1,873, 16:36


Jetsmets Dita 1,873, 16:59

P/H Fed4Life

Leo.TheDamager Dita 1,873, 17:10

Duncan Got Fingerguns as Prez.
Installed more AFA fail.
Made us #1.
This is the Beginning of the End of the AFA.
And Dunks Started most of it.

Harry W. Hill
Harry W. Hill Dita 1,873, 17:18

I'll second a renomination of Dunks for PP.

Bucephalus92 Dita 1,873, 17:22

Well done

kavinaugh Dita 1,873, 17:24


Clydeo Dita 1,873, 19:47

I'll also 2nd a nomination of dunks.

Ajay if you did that you'd lose your chance at getting a 2nd spot in the top 5 so I don't see why you'd do that.

IDEIAS Dita 1,873, 19:53


Congratulations mandate, and the work done over the past month, the principal, was that all together, we can beat back the AFA and its president, that despite the low blows and obscure, again you can not take him along.
and one thing I know, together we make a difference and we will always do against these imposters.
Never the campaign slogan of Barack Obama made much sense.


leraje Dita 1,873, 22:37


hizom Dita 1,874, 00:44

I'm boknonam hamatono makhsosan IDEIAS!

hizom Dita 1,874, 00:46


Devil.s.Dance Dita 1,874, 04:45


One Sky
One Sky Dita 1,874, 06:26

Thank you dunks for being such an awesome PP ! p/h

Jasher Dita 1,874, 06:30


Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dita 1,874, 08:33

On ya Dunks! Nice work bro o/

EnterAwesome Dita 1,874, 09:59

I would not mind another term from you at all Dunks!

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Dita 1,874, 10:55

Dunks is a slam dunk!!! Encore!!!! Encore!!!

ReDunk the FEDS!!!!

I 2nd the nomination for Dunks too!!!

Deepchill Dita 1,874, 12:40

More Dunks.

S-Mac31 Dita 1,874, 15:17

Between Dunks, Jefferson Locke, and many others, the Federalist party is set for some great leaders in the future. No wonder this party has been around forever!

Nektari0s Dita 1,874, 15:26

Awesome PP!!

AlexJ1890 Dita 1,874, 16:42

Dunks rocks! Definitely would not mind another month of Duncan Crowe!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dita 1,874, 19:50

Tiacha is awesome Dunks is pretty cool too.

Patuljak75 Dita 1,875, 09:44

voters club ? Again ? Shame on you fed guys.

Mad Anthony Wayne
Mad Anthony Wayne Dita 1,875, 10:11

Hey, I found a vid of Ripper when he saw fingerguns won.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dita 1,875, 10:16


>16 million Serbian damage and a 10 million BH for Serbia.
>>Serbian MU
>>>PTO Party

you're the one PTOing a country forcibly...and yet you continue to flame me for vote buying? a tiny issue?

Patuljak75 Dita 1,875, 11:05

@Duncan Crowe

>9,372,050 for Australia , waste of dmg
>> MU funded by one mastercard.
>>> I'm sure you got elected as a PP of the "fed party" because you're so smart and not because all you MU voted for you : )

I'm just saying than you and your party are funding the ennemy. And you dont even say "NO".

So yeah , shame on you all , you just paid ALOT of DMG agains TEDEN.

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Dita 1,875, 12:14

i have only 20 friends.add me please : (

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dita 1,875, 13:14


you're not "just saying" anything. what you're doing is continually repeating a point that has already been made in an attempt to discredit myself and my party. I do not appreciate it, especially considering your current profile attributes.

however, I will admit that I do buy votes for articles. It's a necessary evil, resulting from a broken media module.

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