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[CP] Update - Day 1,831

Dita 1,831, 14:52 E Publikuar në Switzerland Zvicra nga Monsieur Guillontine

Salut madams and monsieurs,

Well there's definitely some news to talk about! Things have seemed to be a little quiet lately, but realistically speaking, the government is continuing to work our hardest in order to prevent further political take-overs by these cowardly cheaters who claim to fight for Switzerland's success. Let me tell you something: I, along with my government, will never, ever let our community down. We will never sacrifice our freedom and liberty to those weasels.

Swiss National Army Reform

So first of all, I am proud to announce that we have finally reformed the Swiss National Army, and the way we distribute supplies to loyal soldiers. At the head of this military reform, bowen199 has outlined the changes in his article. Basically, from now on, soldiers who have 7,000 strength will receive 20 Q7 weapons weekly; soldiers who have between 3,000 and 7,000 strength will receive 15 Q7 weapons weekly; and soldiers who have less than 3,000 strength will receive 10 Q7 weapons weekly. As far as communes go, only soldiers who have more than 7,000 strength will be allowed to work for communes, thereby allowing them to receive more weapons weekly. As for soldiers who have less than 7,000, they will be unable to work for the communes, but instead encouraged to work for Swiss employers. This will allow them to maintain some independence, as well as work to help build a stronger Swiss economy!

No Congress

Moving on, it's important that I explain what is happening between Switzerland and Slovenia. With the threat of a political take-over still prevalent within our community, the government has decided that it would be best to once again lost our regions before Congress elections to ensure that none of the cheaters will be able to pose any risks to Swiss sovereignty. The procedures have already been signed through the 3-Point Plan Slovenia has just wiped us, and will immediately return Graubunden and Svizzera italiana to us after the Congress elections are over. And so, although we will once again have another month without Congress, if we look at the benefits to doing so, Swiss safety is far more important than having Congress members.

That's all for now... but just remember that I am trying my hardest to eradicate the Swiss community of this sickening plague, and hopefully soon, we will be able to live life to the fullest: experiencing the cool breeze of the Swiss Alps, frolicking around in the green meadows, and most importantly, getting together and making Switzerland a better place. Reform Switzerland!

Let's fight. Fight for peace.

Peace out,
Monsieur Guillontine
President of the Swiss Confederation



Monsieur Guillontine
Monsieur Guillontine Dita 1,831, 14:52

Forward mes amis!

Fronte Anarchico eItaliano
Fronte Anarchico eItaliano Dita 1,831, 14:59


"frolicking around on the green meadows" x2 --> In a free country is better.

Thanks for your work, President...

bowen199 Dita 1,831, 15:19


Rican Dita 1,831, 21:37

Down with political take-overs by these cowardly cheaters

Thanks Monsie !

MadelineJoshua Dita 1,831, 22:07

French is awesome : P

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Dita 1,832, 01:16

Down with political take-overs by these cowardly cheaters

mungos032 Dita 1,832, 04:57


Trogdorthetroll100 Dita 1,832, 06:26


Ms Fortune
Ms Fortune Dita 1,832, 06:31

So only the old guys who have over 7000 strenght are getting more weapons and are allowed to work for even more of them. While the rest of us, the little ones work for your companies for terrible sallaries so you can get richer and richer. Good job Mr. President !

Rican Dita 1,832, 07:42

ignore multi-speak

TheJakal Dita 1,832, 07:44

Good luck

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dita 1,832, 07:47

"So only the old guys who have over 7000 strenght are getting more weapons and are allowed to work for even more of them. While the rest of us, the little ones work for your companies for terrible sallaries so you can get richer and richer. "

LOL you seriously think they make a profit.
You dont have a clue do you?

Thedillpickl Dita 1,832, 07:55

Ms Fortune
Day 1,832, 06:31
"While the rest of us, the little ones work for your companies for terrible sallaries so you can get richer and richer."

Capitalism at it's finest!

Actually, as you already point out the 'excess' is going for better supplies to the players who can benefit Swiss battles the most. This is fair and reasonable considering the limited resources available. If you have a problem with that why not buy some gold and create a Q7 commune yourself. Show us how.

Cronoss Dita 1,832, 08:57

Soon we will prevail ; )

Rican Dita 1,832, 13:53

ignore multi-speak

Ms Fortune
Ms Fortune Dita 1,833, 10:52

@Rican: Yeah call me names just because you don't have a valid argument against what I say.

@Thedillpickl: Only the big guys count in battle ? Division 1 and 2 players don't count ? And don't we need them to grow up faster to help the other guys in battle ? Please enlighten me

Ms Fortune
Ms Fortune Dita 1,833, 10:53

@Cronoss: We will prevail in what ? Getting more tanks for already grown-up accounts ?

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