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変革 - Change

Dita 1,902, 05:22 E Publikuar në Japan Republika e Kinës (Tajvan) nga Kitsune Usureki
Tomorrow will be the day of the Country President elections, and it seems the final list of candidates has been set. I am honored to be supported by 2 major and 1 minor parties of eJapan, and I will do my best to prove my competence.

I have already described some things in my previous article (read here) but some of you demanded further descriptions about my policies. To tell you the truth, I am wasting my time here. The DNP/CtG coalition will support me without an article like this, and ISP/SoS/SSG faction made its decision aswell. People from ULJ will still support Akki, and Hiza-chan is running again despite of the lack of chance to win. But in chase anyone reads it, here are my plans :

The bicameral political and voting system

The first change is needed in the political methods itself. If we do not know how to agree then we will not be able to do so. The current system which includes the forum discussion is very slow and ineffective - look at the number of approved and practiced law. Yes, it is zero. I was working for an effective but democratic solution which requires activity - so I dreamed a bicameral system.

The Country President appoints the members of the cabinet, and starts a discussion thread with the ministers IG. The CP leads the conversation and oversee the work of the cabinet. In my cabinet, every minister would be ought to appoint a Vice Minister of his or her Ministry in chase of unplanned inactivity. The High Council would have 5 Daimyo - one-one from top 5 parties - and the daimyo shall represent the will and power of votes of his or her party. A daimyo's voting power would be equal to the daimyo's party's number of congress members. The cabinet may propose a law to the high council after reconciliation, and open an IG article where the proposition is written down, and everyone may comment under it. A law may not be accepted before 24 hours after publishing of the article. After the 24 hours, the daimyos will have 48 hours to make the decision and discuss with the party he or she belongs to. If 33% of the congress disagrees with accepting or rejecting a law, then a full congress voting shall be declared on the eJapanese National Forums.

With a voting system like this, we would make voting faster and smoother because of the centralization, but we would not lose democracy because the veto power of the congress. The work of the high council would be public, thus there is no chance of shady bussines or misunderstanding, and everyone would have the chance to see the processes of the government, and announce his or her thoughts about the topic, without an external webpage.

The Immigration Law

This thing has the second priority - but without a new voting system, there is no chance of agreeing on such law. My personal opinion is that the Immigration Law shall be liberal. If the congressman wants the best for his e-country, then the congressman will not approve dangerous citizenship approvals - but on the other hand, the ones who wants to ruin eJapan will not care for any Immigration Law. There are many good thoughts on the forums, but I am planning to restart the discussion about the topic with the cabinet, and when we will have an acceptable proposal, then we will propose it to the high council. This propose will be surely familiar to people who followed the arguments on the forums, because almost every possible variation of such a law has been written there already, and I think some of them will worthy enough to use them as refference of a New Immigration Law.

Cabinet and other stuff

Prime Minister : Geezus

Governor : Darshu

Minister of Deffense : Ceda

Minister of Education : Lucifel

Minister of Foreign Affairs : Squibeel

We will have to rethink our foreign tactics - we have many useless MPPs and they are very expensive to maintain. Thus we should use money for different purposes; MU and program supply for example.

This will be an interesting election - I think everyone is interested in who will win this time. In any chase, let us hope that Amaterasu will bless us with a Second Golden Era with the next term!

Hail eJapan!

Kitsune Usureki
Day 1,904 of the New World


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Dita 1,902, 05:32

Good luck Usu o/

robi2202 Dita 1,902, 05:33

voted the article and you have 1 vote from me Usu :)gogogo o/

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dita 1,902, 05:55

"The current system which includes the forum discussion is very slow and ineffective - !!!look at the number of approved and practiced law. Yes, it is zero.!!! "

You made my day, thanks Usu, you'll be just another CP, but as humorist you're really good.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dita 1,902, 05:59

"We will have to rethink our foreign tactics - we have many useless MPPs and they are very expensive to maintain."


Then we wonder why nobody gives a fuck about us as eCountry.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Dita 1,902, 06:30

So.. we should focus on CoT MPPS and drop TWO MPPS?~

arhangellord Dita 1,902, 06:30

Good luck

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Dita 1,902, 07:17

Hizaya, we should maybe join Eden, you would prefer that?
One MPP with TWO country worth as 5 small country's MPP's from COT.
If there is no Hungaria and Serbia MPP, we would be wiped out long time ago.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Dita 1,902, 07:18

And is cheap to maintain.

Soultama Dita 1,902, 07:18

The MoD's link does not work too.

I know I am annoying, I know.

bobbySAURON Dita 1,902, 07:21

Kid, you made me laugh hard with the ideas Geezus has for his new term as president.

bobbySAURON Dita 1,902, 07:22

Also, I am from ULJ and I will be voting for Myung Kei

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Dita 1,902, 07:24

Regarding the MPPs we should put in priority list the ones with CoT countries which have active wars. Chile, Bulgaria, Macedonia and US. In case of need if eRoC put an NE law against us then we can sign more MPPs.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Dita 1,902, 07:54

@Sir Robin Ibz : "Haters gonna hate".

@Soultama : I love you. Really ^w^

@ bobby : Hey kid, stop calling me kid, it is very childish. And it seems you don't understand the game mechanism. Geezus supports ME in this elections, so he is supporting MY ideas, not the opposite. Grow up kid.

@ Alessandro : The military power of eJapan is a subject of joke comparing them to the nations we are sorrunded. I have to agree with Veprina-san : we cannot afford MPPs just because the alliance. We must have MPPs with nations we can count on.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dita 1,902, 08:06

@ Usu: Failers gonna fail.

biodiesel Dita 1,902, 08:06

very good

may i know how much to renew MPP?

Oraizan Dita 1,902, 08:19

Good luck to you, although I don't agree that just because you have support, you shouldn't campaign. It's good for both people who support you, and those who don't, to see who you are and what you're about. Especially for a party like mine where we actually have some sort of democracy before we support somebody.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Dita 1,902, 08:39

Good Luck, Heavily disagree with you on the idea of Bicameralism though. If the election turns out the way it does I will be happy to cross swords in the Diet.

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Dita 1,902, 08:46

One Word : NAIVE.

And also I'll never give you my Blessing.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Dita 1,902, 09:06

Veprina, EDEN was not mentioned in any way.. stop with your silly propaganda. We're CoT and thus should focus CoT. Don't push eJapan for TWO.

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Dita 1,902, 09:28

@Kitsune Usureki

Yes we need MPPs with strong countries but when we are at war, now frankly they are useless, also as a member of CoT we have the duty to help our allies.

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Dita 1,902, 09:48

Here comes another communism, Prime Minister - Geezus.
Well its normal when it comes from DNP candidate, another reason why not to vote.

I sense some good criticism coming out from my brain... Mmmm yep thats a good one.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Dita 1,902, 10:49

@Hizaya Sarcazam, if you know what that mean. Stop ruining our relationships with trustworthy allies just because you don't like them in RL. That's called shovinism.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Dita 1,902, 10:52

And if you think that is better to spend 10k on SK MPP rather then Poland, Spanish, Hungarian, or Serbian, then you are not racional person.

ahava3233 Dita 1,902, 11:08


I'd think you'd need Diet approval to pass an oligarchical (daimyo) system legally in the government. Being CP doesn't give one the right to simply overthrow the system.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Dita 1,902, 11:13

I think you seriously don't know what you're doing.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Dita 1,902, 11:32

@ahava : So shall it be. In chase I win this elections, I will propose this modification to the congress, and open a discussion thread. I am not willing to force this, because that would be pointless.

@Nowe : You did neither when you were CP.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Dita 1,902, 11:39

I actually knew everything in which I was to do, and how to achieve it, and achieved half of it despite the controversy. I think you need to fall back and rethink what you're trying to propose rather than simply assume it's all going to fly just because you're Geezus' little pup.

CheDavid Dita 1,902, 11:49

ment a sub meg a vote

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Dita 1,902, 12:40

@Nowe : I am pup of noone, and I have reason to propose what is written above.

@CheDavid : Köszönöm szépen ^w^

Sardar Confucius
Sardar Confucius Dita 1,902, 13:46


ardishabutaro Dita 1,902, 16:16

voted article.
good luck

well, that is why i see people not intelligent. see in their comment. lalalala

Dante Luo
Dante Luo Dita 1,902, 17:13

enjoy no congress next month lol

the tormented one
the tormented one Dita 1,903, 23:04

"One MPP with TWO country worth as 5 small country's MPP's from COT.
If there is no Hungaria and Serbia MPP, we would be wiped out long time ago. "

eSK has a Serbian MPP, what is the score over there again?

Darshu Dita 1,903, 01:09


Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Dita 1,903, 10:03

@that, i don't think you are stupid, i just think you are bad troll. When in this game, anyone win any battle with just 3 allies?

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Dita 1,903, 15:49


As members of CoT we have the duty, as stated in the Charter of CoT, to defend our allies, currently Japan isn't fighting a direct war but anyway we lack funds to sign MPPs even with all CoT nations. We should prioritize MPPs with CoT nations if we aren't involved in a defensive war which requires a stronger set of MPPs, in the later case anyway we can sign those additional MPPs when we really need them.

Angelkovic Dita 1,903, 16:00

In that case we shall create funds.
There is always a way to help our country.
Next, Kitsune WILL BE CP, like it or not.
Failure is not a option!
Triumph is in our hand, and you just can be watchers of yours doom!
Muhahahahahahahaha <---- evil smile

Rami20 Dita 1,903, 20:11

good luck my friend v!

the tormented one
the tormented one Dita 1,904, 00:17

" Failure is not a option!"

Define success

the tormented one
the tormented one Dita 1,904, 02:31

@Veprina 22

If those allies arent helping, it doesnt matter if you have 3 or 30. You think eSK had only 3 allies all these time? They have been allied with eSerbia, ePoland, etc since the 2nd eSK-eRoC war almost 2 years ago, wanna count all those scores?

ubod Dita 1,905, 21:53


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