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[CP] About the RW in Tel Aviv | מרד בתל אביב

23 Dan 2,401, 10:39 Izrael Ukazi bitke Ukazi bitke

A RW in Tel Aviv was opened by an unknown source, probably by Hungarians.

Israelis: Don't fight for Israel! It's not our war! We have an agreement that we have to respect!

Thank you!

מרד נפתח בתל אביב … preberi več »

[CP] Important Update | עדכון חשוב

10 Dan 2,396, 10:35 Izrael Ukazi bitke Ukazi bitke

לעברית תגללו למטה.

Information about the final training war with Cyprus
Israel and Cyprus are trying to end the training war.
Cyprus needs to unset the NE law. Tomorrow (day 2397) 7 days will be … preberi več »

[CP] Israel Wants an Airstrike! | ישראל רוצה התקפה אווירית!

27 Dan 2,395, 03:57 Izrael Finance in poslovanje Finance in poslovanje

לעברית תגללו למטה.

Hello dear Israelis and allies!
I want to tell you a little story about Jewish people.
History taught us that Jewish people … preberi več »

[CP] Importent Message! | הודעה חשובה!

8 Dan 2,394, 15:02 Izrael Ukazi bitke Ukazi bitke

1) A resistance war was opened in Tel Aviv (http://www.erepublik.com/en/wars/show/40279). This is a training war. Israel MUST LOSE! Please don't fight in this battle, fight in Haifa (section number 2)

2) Fight hard for Israel against … preberi več »

[CP] About the Training War with Cyprus [עברית] [ENG]

26 Dan 2,391, 03:02 Izrael Ukazi bitke Ukazi bitke

לעברית תגללו למטה!

Today's topics:
- Greeting and openning.
- Technical explenation about the TW
- The cabinet's thoughts & explenations why we should have a TW and signing the renewal of the agreement with Cyprus.
- Let's have a good … preberi več »