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The official defense newspaper of the eCanadian Government!

Battle Orders Day 854 - 855 / Jour 854 - 855

11 Dan 854, 14:49 Kanada

CAF and Militia Members you have your orders.

All Canadian Citizens are instructed to help our Croatian Allies:


Congratulations to the following

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Orders Day 834-854: Defend Croatia! / Jour 853-845: Défendre la Croatie

49 Dan 853, 10:29 Kanada

Members of the CAF and the private militias, you will have your own orders to follow. To all other Canadian citizens:


If you must fight, Hungary has launched an attack on the Croatian fortress region of

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Battle Orders Day 850-851: Fight in Romania / Jour 850-851 - TW avec La Roumanie

13 Dan 850, 18:10 Kanada

Fight in the Romanian Training War

Fight here!

As you may remember from the battle orders several days ago, there was a random draw held for packs of 5 Q1 guns.

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Day 847-848: Fight Green in Delaware

14 Dan 847, 19:21 Kanada

Please note a Revolutionary War has been started in Delaware.

Fight GREEN here!

Remember the new hospital module goes into effect tomorrow. It would be very

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Day 846-847 Romanian Training War / Jour 846-847 - TW avec La Roumanie

51 Dan 846, 20:19 Kanada

Fight in the Romanian training war.

Fight here!

And as a Bonus, We're doing a raffle! What is there to win? 6 packages of 5 q1guns.

How can you participate:

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