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Could a quick-fix really fix the game?

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An excellent article by the Croatian player Don Croata ("What happened to our game?") prompted me to write this very short piece you are about to read.


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USA is going after Serbia - what should [ex]EDEN do?

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At the time of writing this article the American NE law against Serbia is about to pass.

That would finally put CoT and TWO on a direct collision course. I'm quite skeptical that the rest of CoT is thrilled by the fact the Americans dragged them

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In-depth diplomatic analysis

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The comments and the PMs generated by the previous article motivated me to expand on the ideas written there.

To begin with everybody seemed to agree that the current Serbian-Croatian rivalry is pointless from the strategic point of view:


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What next?

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Lately we have seen an uneasy cooperation developing between TWO and most of the ex-EDEN countries. While this cooperation is considered unsavory by a lot of players from both camps, the situation on the battlefield shows that it happens

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Can Poland and Hungary really get to China? - Take 2

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Poland's attack on Russia was followed by Hungary's Declaration of War against Russia as well.

If the Hungarian DoW passes then it looks like Poland and Hungary are trying again to get to China. As long as only Poland would have attacked Russia,

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