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[AURORA] Once we were brothers.

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I remember the time when talks about Aurora has started. As current President of eIreland I’ve tried to get my country into alliance, find us family and make our country useful to preberi več »

[CrOmega] Everything you need to know!

21 Dan 2,484, 14:36 Kuba Finance in poslovanje Finance in poslovanje

This article is written for those who would like to become member of CrOmega and those who already are members, we want them to have everything in the one place - this article.
A little outdated … preberi več »

[CrOmega] PΩvratak!

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Pozdrav svima!
Ljeto je iza nas, nisam siguran ni da ga je bilo, ali tako kaže kalendar. Većina nas je ostavila kišovito more i vratila se na kišoviti kontinent, oni … preberi več »

I'm kinda back

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Hello my friends,
after several months of being inactive and out of the game (not counting attempts to start with new account as always) I’m finally back in the game, on my original account. … preberi več »

Not even once..

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Long story short.

I'll do something I always regret eventually.
I did it 2 times so far, time for the third one.

First time there was MUFC92, then got bored and created a new one Shield72, lately renamed to MUFC992. Then got bored once

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