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14 2 dni nazaj Published in Switzerland Switzerland Politične debate in analize Politične debate in analize

Ladies and gentlemen,

As president of the party, I would like to introduce to you a SDP Congress list. This month SDP got a lot of new people from other parties which are PTO- … preberi več »

Proposals To Change The Economic Module [XxVan HelsingxX]

10 Dan 2,693, 10:31 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Finance in poslovanje Finance in poslovanje

Helping XxVan HelsingxX to share his big project and try to change this "game"

Director of Lepo
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[CP] Thank you friends!

73 Dan 2,692, 08:21 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Vojaške analize Vojaške analize

Ladies and gentlemen,
I take this opportunity to thank in the name of the Swiss community everyone who helped to restore democracy in our country.
Last night's
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[CP] Wake up Switzerland!

32 Dan 2,691, 14:37 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Ukazi bitke Ukazi bitke

The Romanian dictator falls today !!!

Join here -> http://www.erepublik.preberi več »


43 Dan 2,687, 14:32 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Vojaške analize Vojaške analize

It is very easy to not do the right thing.
It is very easy to look away.
It is very easy to pretend to have not noticed something that is clearly preberi več »