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i have one too

Food raw .04, q6 food approaching 0.42 all food prices rising!

4 Dan 2,423, 13:58 ZDA Finance in poslovanje Finance in poslovanje

if you know you will want to fight and help America in the next several resistance wars buy your food now and save it for when prices get high!

no one wants to be stuck buying food when it is high, but with raw food being .04 food prices will

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jkeller4000's wep storage!

4 Dan 2,420, 03:53 ZDA Finance in poslovanje Finance in poslovanje

we have seen in the past when two nations go after eachother and both have large reserves then wep prices go really high and people cannot afford them any more!

so because two nations are not going after eachother! i decided it would be

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what happened to not over hitting battles?

7 Dan 2,417, 04:48 ZDA Vojaške analize Vojaške analize

i remmeber seeing american battles being won with way more than 55% influence!

with combat orders the government or anyone with money should help america become efficient! if they notice a battle being over hit, issue a combat order at 51% and

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20% more energy 10% more cost

10 Dan 2,415, 11:49 ZDA Finance in poslovanje Finance in poslovanje

have you ever wanted more for less?

q6 food currently only 10% more than q5 food and helps recover 20% more energy!

you get more energy for less!

buy q6 food now while the offer lasts!

prices subject to change, not available in all

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think before you speak! jkeller4000 never firing anyone again!

4 Dan 2,414, 18:40 ZDA Prvi koraki v eRepublik Prvi koraki v eRepublik

from now on i will not fire you! i demand if you take my job in the job market you work your three days.

if you ask to be fired i will refuse to!

why am i doing this?

the insane number of players asking me to fire them because they

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