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Super Awesome POTUS Debate

26 Dan 921, 12:43 Published in USA USA

Wednesday, June 2nd
10pm EST

Hosted by: Feds + [url=http://www.erepublik.com/en/preberi več »

HEY! I know you!

24 Dan 918, 08:49 Published in USA USA

Well this is weird... I actually recognize most of these names.

UIP- Jewitt, … preberi več »

Political alliances are for countries, not parties.

19 Dan 916, 14:24 Published in USA USA

There is gossip going around about the Feds being in an alliance with SEES lolol I think there is a plot to destroy the APF and the military while taking over all of Congress and the White House through the brute force of trolling and whining.

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Who's the Boss?

24 Dan 912, 11:18 Published in USA USA

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” –The Bible, Abe Lincoln, other people, me just now.

Yes, drama has gone down. It has been brewing for quite some time, but I hope the

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Hey another article about the election! We really need one of these!

26 Dan 908, 14:39 Published in USA USA

Yesterday was kinda crazy. I say ‘kinda’ because nothing that happened was really unpredictable.

For the most part, I gotta say I am proud of the parties- Libs and UIP specifically. They have been working super hard to get it together. I’m

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