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Employee heaven ( short rant about how Flato lacks any originality )

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So the new ( my ass ) industry has been released.
It's the same as v1 if anyone remembers, all we are missing is Defense Systems and Hospitals.
And of course a return to the good ol' you can't work on your own company. What does this mean?

I am

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Brazil's World Cup explained

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Excited about the world cup? Well then if you want to keep your mood that way better close this article real fast.

Ok so you're still here. A less known and mediated event - probably because it less likely to make Brazil's government look

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So...has the dust settled ? And what does it mean for eR?

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Quick short thing to think about.
We all know Crimea being taken over by Russia is a "fait-accompli". Regardless of your position on the matter the reality on the ground is that Russia has taken Crimea.
Everything else remains to be solved in time.

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Division Herp Derp

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Latest "improvement" ( and i use the term loosely ) separates players based on their LEVEL:

Division 1: Levels 1 - 34
Division 2: Levels 35 - 49
Division 3: Levels 50 - 69
Division 4: Levels 70+

So, while this does solve the HORRENDOUS

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Let's nuke Sheldon Adelson

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Las Vegas’ village idiot is at it again.

Normally, the rantings of a crazy buffoon wouldn’t be newsworthy. But in this case, the village idiot happens to be a rich man worth billions. He also runs a vast gambling empire. So, that gives him

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