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Winner of Primary! Vote for me on election's for President of IFP

Dan 1,821, 07:42 Published in Ireland Švica s strani IamGawain


Since we had a internal vote with AC, I won the primary, and moomoohead would like all votes of party to go to me. Thank you all who voted me the winner in primary, and if you all vote me president again, since I won the primary, I promise to help make IFP the best. First Idea's

I wanted to hold a donation, of anything IFP can spare. These donations will help people in the party, and small amounts given to people who join, while leftover's will go to the Military Unit's to help them out. This will help boost our reputation.

Ambassador Program / Immigration-
Next I want to really get the ambassador program going, and have ambassador's to all the major countries that are similar to us, and aren't corrupt. The reason for this is to help support immigration to Ireland. This means have people move to those countries but of course stay citizens of Ireland, and make friends with other party's that share our beliefs.
No government/party hand out's accepted, we want to be able to support ourselves. I will hold donations once a week, and any of these left over at the end of my term, I will transfer to the next president of IFP.

My 1st objective is to strengthen our reputation, and members of party.

My 2nd is to increase members and immigration to Ireland, for more congress, and to make the party more successful, with new idea's, and contribution's.

My 3rd is to get new people active in politics, with some older/wiser one's to help them out, and Ireland out.

My 4th is to become one of the congress men and then RUN FOR PRESIDENT.

Thank you IFP for voting for me, and please vote for me on election I won primary. Thank you Anthony Colby for helping out with the election and IFP. Thank you Moomoohead for being a awesome leader. Long live IFP/Ireland and let prosper!

Thanks for reading!

Primary winner of IFP (All votes are supposed to goto me)
(Technically President, we held internal votes)
Current Vice President/(President) of IFP
Ambassador to France/Germany
Designed the IFP Logo
Designed my Libertad photo
(Soon to be congress man running for country president)
Need a logo? pm me.


Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,821, 08:00

Congrats. And best of luck tomorrow

"No government/party hand out's accepted, we want to be able to support ourselves"

No worries on that front. The gov is skint!

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dan 1,821, 08:11

Well done Gawain!

IamGawain Dan 1,821, 09:24

Thank you, and I/we just want our party to support it self. Good luck with presidency Winston.


Elite C
Elite C Dan 1,821, 09:27

Those who don't vote for you in the election tomorrow are just sour that they didn't win. Really the other candidates should pull out of the ballot.

All the Best!
Elite C

IamGawain Dan 1,821, 10:03

Thank you, your a very good sport, and I think you would have made a good PP, hope you run next election.


John Gormley
John Gormley Dan 1,821, 11:18

Glad you won! Congrats!

IamGawain Dan 1,821, 12:10

Thank you!

moomoohead Dan 1,821, 18:51

Congrats Gawain. I know you are going to do good. Party presidents need to put the party interest above theres. I never ran for Congress when I was party president. Do one job right and take care of your party members. Before you even think of being country president you have to be a good minister. Take one step at a time. I will send you what ever extra food I got to send out. Make us proud.

AppleMan Dan 1,821, 19:57

"No government/party hand out's accepted, we want to be able to support ourselves"

No worries on that front. The gov is skint!


chickensguys Dan 1,821, 22:39


orangejuicemmm Dan 1,822, 15:38

"My 4th is to become one of the congress men and then RUN FOR PRESIDENT."


IamGawain Dan 1,822, 15:50


-Gawain :] glad I entertain you

collinfigures Dan 1,822, 17:30

Go IFP!!

Go Gawain!!

IamGawain Dan 1,822, 18:25

Haha, thank you!

-Gawain :]

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