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EUSA Investment Group - X-mas Day "Where are we at?"

Dan 1,862, 06:51 s strani stunkcuf
Dear EUSA Investors

Just to clue you in on what i have been doing with your Investments!

Well after 2 weeks of trading here there and playing with the monetary system. Your Investments have grown.

I turned just under $40,000 EUSD into a whooping $135,000 EUSD!

The goal was set high at $100k and im now way over that. Going to keep trading for the next week getting this higher. The First payouts will start on 1/10/2013. All Investors will recieve there investment and the revenue generated over the 30 day period. The Extra after payouts is being saved and going towards upgrading weapons and food companies to create jobs.

Just throwing out #'s but 1 Q7 factory cost ruffly around $500,000 EUSD!
so far we are at $45k!

In other News i am also working on a website and working on a login where you can view your investments on a day to day basis! Also wanting to add a easy feature of adding funds when ever you want on that page also, rather than filling out the form every time. Again this is a work in progress and will take some time!

Also any New Investors if you would like to start up any time here is the form!


Merry Christmas,
EUSA Investors Group


Digitalixer Dan 1,862, 10:03

Great !

Nice to know that

chimichonga barbosa
chimichonga barbosa Dan 1,862, 13:34

Thanks for the update. Hopefully this is for real as many past ventures like this have turned out to be giant pyramid schemes...

Aleenik Dan 1,862, 18:43

Awesome news. The website sounds like a great idea.

mspas Dan 1,863, 23:08

nice idea!

Ignas2526 Dan 1,863, 11:06

You remind me of Mr Andrews, he was running banking in Erep and had over 1M USD. He was doing his business legit, but then one day he disappeared.
Lesson here, don't trust people like stunkcuf, one day they will disappear and your cash will be gone forever!

John Maverick
John Maverick Dan 1,863, 14:16

Just invested, soooo pumped. Good luck!

stunkcuf Dan 1,863, 17:40

Well First sorry about Mr. Andrews, and it sounds like this happened quite a bit from a lot of companies. I cant say much.... But I don't plan on doing that! I don't want to do that! and if one day i don't want to play any more....All i can say is "i'm going to return all money to its investor!" Believe it or not but i have been apart of things like that before! Really sucks when people take off with your money or just quit!

All i can say in Defense to that is, that's not what i had in mind! and i don't want that!

Another thing i understand you or anyone else ran into bad deals but why do you have to shit talk me on my article like that! Seriously Read the other articles I already received enough hate mail. spam of false forms. and shit talk! Enough is enough Grow up little bit!

yodock Dan 1,863, 18:19

I got my money from mr. andrew before i lost my money .

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