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EUSA Investment Group Update

Dan 1,876, 01:33 s strani stunkcuf
EUSA Investment Group

Starting on 12-10-2012 We had a Total of 14 Investors Investing a total of $9027.55 EUSD.

On 12/11/2012 We had another 12 investors, Investing a Total of $18,401 EUSD.

From then on through the month of December total of 9 more investors, Invested another $12,935 EUSD.

Total for the group of December is $43,513.55 EUSD Invested The Total Amount Returning to those Investors is $105,553.47.
Each Investor/Group will Receive There investment plus interested earned over 30 days starting 1/10/2013.
This is just the start date for payouts, depending on your investment date is when you will receive your payouts!

For January we have had 3 more Investments of a Total of $34,000 EUSD There Total Intrest Earned after 30 days is $48,475.87 Total payouts will be $82,475.87

With the groups Investments we have made over $150k by trading on and off the market/and monetary. The group take the Rest of the Interests and put it towards creating companies. Like I have said in the past this is a investment group here to help the players and to help create more Jobs and better wages.

OK now that that is all out and in the open I Understand that everyone is curious about there money. I work a normal job like the rest of you and play this game off my phone half the time. In a week for me i spend almost 60 hrs trading and making deals. I need little patience i will try to answer and keep you all up to date as much as possible but this is a game and normal life comes first!

Also yes i am also working on creating a website for you the investors to keep track of your investments!(this cant be done over night)

For Now this is how it is and i will try to answer all your questions and keep you all in the loop tell i get this site operational.

Thank you all for being apart of this Investment Group I have faith the group will go far and each player will also. Have Faith.... also there have been a lot of new investor questions. So use this article to throw them out here to be answered.

Here is the Investment Form for any new Investments!
Please Vote and Subscribe to keep in the loop with the group!

And Thanks To all the Investors!
EUSA Investment Group


Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Dan 1,876, 01:51


Digitalixer Dan 1,876, 07:02

Nice Buddy

i trust you

HEARMERAWR Dan 1,877, 21:10

looking forward to it

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