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EUSA Investment Group! -Let us make you money!

Dan 1,847, 17:17 s strani stunkcuf

EUSA Investment Group

This is A Investment program For First 50 Investors
(sorry that's all the work load we can safely handle atm!)

first off i am changing this from a 3%or 5% monthly to a 3%or 5% daily operation. Still monthly(30 day) periods, but this way makes more sense and is initially what i planned!

So if you invested of 100 USD at the end of the 30day period will be worth 242.73 USD with a total interest earned of 142.73 USD.

Want to pull your money we send it right back! NP we understand!!!!
Unfortunately there will be a 15 Day wait Period to Invest again.

Send your Investment here:

Fill this Form out:

29 days we send you a MSG in game giving your total interest earned and do you want us to send you your investment or would you like to keep it invested!


Sgt. Flatt
Sgt. Flatt Dan 1,847, 19:27

I like it!

Fessti Dan 1,847, 19:31


Jordan Bert
Jordan Bert Dan 1,847, 20:26

Also invested

gherares Dan 1,848, 23:39

Man, your math sucks..
3% from 100 is 3 , so if you invest 100cc, you get after a month 103cc.
So , either the interest is bigger, or the money are less .
Anyway, if it's 3% per month is way to little to worth investing; if it's 30% per month, it's way to good to be true.
So please tell us how is it and maybe correct your article

DariusReg Dan 1,848, 00:01

Man, your math sucks..
3% from 100 is 3 , so if you invest 100cc, you get after a month 103cc.
So , either the interest is bigger, or the money are less .
Anyway, if it's 3% per month is way to little to worth investing; if it's 30% per month, it's way to good to be true.
So please tell us how is it and maybe correct your article

Seriously your math is so bad that i do not trust you to give money.

Uschmidt Dan 1,848, 00:04

LOL! Giving money to somebody who cant math in % ???? Are you joking?

Zordacz Dan 1,848, 03:03

just look at the guy's birth date and say it's not a ponzi scheme

Jessica Miss Rabbit
Jessica Miss Rabbit Dan 1,848, 03:41

Well done Bernard Madoff

NuevoNeo Dan 1,848, 06:52

Well, eR seems to be taking your link as malicious, now what will that mean?

Gnilraps Dan 1,848, 08:38

Sadly I don't think you'll even recover the money you spent on votes.

Your article is so full of errors that most will not trust you to deliver.

stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 08:53

Sorry did most off my phone after I just did a 14 hour work day. I'm not trying to scam people, I am just looking for investors! And offering a return. I see that I was off my rocker in the math. Will correct that when I get home.

Henry Pfeiffer Arundel
Henry Pfeiffer Arundel Dan 1,848, 08:54


Flashgun Dan 1,848, 08:54

Anyone who trusts this fool is an idiot. Better yet send me the 100cc and I'll give you 150 at the end of the month. Why waste your money when I can keep it safe for you!

Alex Lawrence
Alex Lawrence Dan 1,848, 08:57


ilphen Dan 1,848, 08:59

650 votes, 15 comments, your mathskills,
how about I invest a negative amount of money?

Ian John Locke IV
Ian John Locke IV Dan 1,848, 09:00

Sending my thousands in gold ASAP.... NOT

stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 09:07

Already have 15 people invested, don't have to be a jerk!

fingerguns Dan 1,848, 09:14

seems legit


pogonici Dan 1,848, 09:17

Your article is in "Financial business", but you must to move to "Social interactions and entertainment", especially at entertaninment : ))
Try to use fingers to make profit : ))

stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 09:56

Well at least I am getting feed back, not the best. But least people showing interest and great points. I am going to take this all in and hopefully make this program work.

yodock Dan 1,848, 12:04

What are you investing in?

Thedillpickl Dan 1,848, 12:29

Invest in ERX stocks. I hear they do well. :P

stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 12:52

Erx went bankrupt..... and there is no stock exchange

stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 13:04

Your investments are used in the market buying and selling good. I also use the profits to invest in new companies. This way I generate a profit and create jobs. My plan with help from investors is to create jobs with decent wages, stimulating the eusa economy.
My one year goal is to create 100 jobs and provide investors with a 6% interest everyday.
With a multi-million payback to my investors.

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Dan 1,848, 13:14

Are you aware that prices are dropping everyday? It's almost impossible to have any source of clean profit.

Cipi0tul Dan 1,848, 14:11


stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 14:41

you can say scam and tell me all this all day, i understand why! People do this shit everyday! Sorry i don't have a background where you can say hey no this guy is trying to help he is creating a program to help others and actually help others come out ahead! i don't have the street credit i understand! But really call it a scam when you have no idea!!!! are you willing to try it out...no just comment say scam , try to discourage me and others.
Don't trust me i get it !

stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 14:47

I am doing this because I want to build up in the game, i want the EUSA to build up too. I have seen this work in previous games. im not an accountant and yeah i totally messed up the math, shit even the whole point when i wrote this article. Im human...sorry
But i am making changes

Don't like it not intrested dont invest your money in me, shit i cant blame you! I have no Credidations at this time.
If your willing give it a chance or hell just want to try it out, Invest it 1USD-1000USD w/e!

stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 14:49

Btw for those of you that did invest i am planning on putting a site together where you can insert your player id and check on your investments daily.

yodock Dan 1,848, 14:51

I may try it only a couple thousand, but i have jumped into two investment deals that were "dangerous", but that's what investing is all about. In those two investments I earned much gold that would equal 100. But please give me some of your investors so I can ask them, I prefer all 15 of them.

nathaner Dan 1,848, 15:05

its easy to make a profit in britain buying and selling food because the price of food changes so much.
for example, yesterday the price of q2 food changed from 0.06 to 0.11 and then down again . its all about getting a good deal

yodock Dan 1,848, 15:08

But getting more money over helping the USA. Im a right wing and I still think thats bad! You should be a shame of buying foriegn. :@

HEARMERAWR Dan 1,848, 17:29

Hey guys just because hes a newer player doesn't mean hes a scam artist. He's one of the most honest people in this game. You guys should see some of the work he's done for our MU. He is a good worker, and he's probably more honest than most of the people that are calling his a scammer. Unfortunately i have NEVER even heard of the majority of you

stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 17:44

So as a little update there are 41 spots open still for investors

yodock Dan 1,848, 17:46

There ar many cizitens in eRepublik, this may be are only time we ever see each otther.

stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 17:49

OK update on this article going to take only 50 for now (test) run for say.

i already have 10 investors

HEARMERAWR Dan 1,848, 17:50

I know and I don't think this will be the only time.

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Dan 1,848, 17:54

I don't see what's wrong with his math...

If you recieve five percent of 100cc daily for 30 days then you WOULD recieve 150 cc with your original 100 cc, he's only about 8cc off? Please lemme know if Im wrong.

CaseyJ Dan 1,848, 18:41


stunkcuf Dan 1,848, 20:52

35 more investor spots still open

gherares Dan 1,848, 22:53

@stan, in the first article, that he corrected, there were some big mistakes. There's no use to tell you again about them as he changed the text.

@stunkcuf you presented no guaranties , you didn't tell what would happen when/if you can't keep up with the intrest you promised.. do you have anything to support you except your word?

Personatus Dan 1,849, 00:26

Fraud, first few rounds he will really give the money back, then in one moment when there are more investors he will just say FU and leave...

Thedillpickl Dan 1,849, 01:25

@HEARMERAWR, I hope you know me well enough to vouch that I am an honest player. I stoped short in my earlier comment of saying this is a scam. I was making a bit of a sarcastic point that ERX was a 'good deal' at the time. Over 2 months I made about 9 gold, but when AidenAstrup split I lost that 9 gold and my 40+ gold I had invested in various stocks.

I am concerned that the guaranteed profit is just not there. I will wait to see what happens.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,849, 02:59

@Henry Pfieffer Arundel
Not quite sure which one is right, but you have become an iNCi gynecologist or an oil rig?



or it could be

Tezer Kutluk

or maybe it means blessed or happy or auspicious...?

DrunkenDutch Dan 1,849, 05:00


Alex Lawrence
Alex Lawrence Dan 1,849, 06:59

how has he not been reported yet? this is pretty ridiculous, even by erep standards.

stunkcuf Dan 1,849, 07:15

25 spots open I believe at this time. Later today I will post another article showing the progress of the first investors. Came in with little over 10k from 15 actual investors. And last night I believe another 10k from 10 more investors.

More info in my next article.......

Will still post openings and let everyone know when spots article closed!!!

Vaisalga Dan 1,849, 07:46

seems legit : D

Lee the Rebel
Lee the Rebel Dan 1,849, 08:34

How about Serbians are we welcome.

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