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EUSA Investment Group - Day 1 "follow up"

Dan 1,849, 19:36 s strani stunkcuf
EUSA Investment Group

Ok so first of there are 30 Total Real investors, with total Capital of $29,878.55! With the connections I have and the various market transactions I have dealt with today, the Capital Revenue was $56,954.78. From that $17,000 was put into the purchase of 2 Cattle Farms creating a Positive Revenue, and creating jobs!

That being said there are 20 job openings at $1.01.
Once we get to a point that the revenue allows wage increase I will up the pay!

If you are currently unemployed and would like to help your Investment it can be found here:

Please make sure to Vote for this Article and if you haven't already Subscribe!
Also Sharing is Encouraged.The more investors the better your investment grows!

Well that's all I got for you all once again thank you for investing! And thanks for being patient and understanding.

Any questions feel free to Message me, or in the Comments below!


Digitalixer Dan 1,849, 21:27

First !!

Digitalixer Dan 1,850, 02:59

already invested !

yodock Dan 1,850, 07:19

Sounds good but i didn't 1/6 of my investments were in there if this month shows a good pay back i'll duoble it or triple my 5k invest. Im just wantta see that 3% compound intrest at the end of 30 days.

Paisleymare Dan 1,851, 07:56

And with cattlefarms that won't happen, especially considering that the salt peters have a larger return

yodock Dan 1,851, 08:29

We're hoping for the investments not the infanstructures profits.

Aleenik Dan 1,851, 16:04

I invested 5,500 USD. Let's hope this works out.

yodock Dan 1,851, 16:45

I put up 5K it he said a compound interest of 3% in 30 days, one a day. For 5.5K in 30 days he'll pay you back 13,349.94.

stunkcuf Dan 1,851, 17:50

13,341.68 actually!

Aleenik Dan 1,851, 20:13

stunkcuf I sent you a PM earlier requesting an update on the investment. Could we get one please?

Digitalixer Dan 1,853, 10:08

only invested 2KUSD , double it soon !

Digitalixer Dan 1,858, 07:52

LOL , where is our money now !

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