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Badgers Quiz Time Question 9

Dan 1,900, 05:00 Published in South Africa Južna Afrika s strani Badger06

This Quiz contest of Ten questions, the ninth of which of which you will get now and the next tomorrow and so on.

You need to answer the question correctly to get points and the quicker you do it by posting your answer in the comments section the more points you earn.

1st - 10 points
2nd - 9 points
3rd - 8 points
4th - 7 points
5th - 6 points

Anyone there after get 5 points for there correct answer and minus 2 for each incorrect answer

Once all the questions have been answered, the player with the most points will get 10 gold.

This Quiz has a theme : The Honey Badger

Eighth Question Results and Answer

First - Beerman616 - 10 points
Second - AdUnit - 9 Points
Third - svetljo stefanov - 8 Points
Fourth -Abominacija  - 7 points
Fifth - Heffner - 6 points
Everyone else - 5 points

In the Badger Badger Badger song, what else is mentioned ?

d) Mushroom and a Snake

Overall points so far

AdUnit - 59 points
Abominacija - 56 points
Enriche2Ribiero - 47 points
Liquidice - 45 points
Bia Pandora - 45 points
Mikhail Alexander - 43 points
svetljo stefanov - 43 points
Luc Praetor - 37 points
Uber Kiko - 36 points
beerman616 - 34 pints
Kaptein Balsak - 26 points
Kuckuck - 29 points
Claudio Kilgannon - 20 points
Lord Elrond Hubbard - 18 points
Don Vin - 15 points
Ryan Schmitz - 13 points
Heffner - 12 points
Cotarius - 10 points
Vasillis Karavias - 8 points
Gregor Lucius - 8 points
Wack368 - 8 Points
Vanessa1309 - 7 points
Krimpie - 6 points
myBad - 5 points
Rexdeus - 5 points
Fhaemita Malodorus - 5 points
Samurai02 - 5 points
Centurion69 - 5 points
RedBirdUSA - 5 points
John Largo - (-2 points)

Ninth Question

Where do Badgers live ?

a) Caves
b) Bushes
c) Setts
d) Logs

Best you go back and press the vote and subscribe button before something bad happens


etljo stnov
etljo stnov Dan 1,900, 05:03

c) Setts

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Dan 1,900, 05:05

„Territory: badgers live in large burrow systems called setts. A sett is usually dug in sloping ground in a wood or copse bordering pastureland. Some setts have been used for over 100 years by generations of badgers and may have more than 40 entrances. The underground tunnels may be up to 30m long. Tunnels are on different levels, about 100cm from the surface. At the end of a tunnel is a chamber, used for sleeping or breeding. A badger community normally consists of several adult boars (males) and sows (females) together with one or two litters of cubs - up to 15 animals in total. A community's territory may be 40 - 50 hectares (1hectare = 2 football pitches) in size.“
: )

Enriche2Ribeiro Dan 1,900, 05:06

I will go with setts

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Dan 1,900, 05:08

c) Setts

Because of the interesting spelling.

BataIjun Dan 1,900, 05:17


LiquidIce Dan 1,900, 05:21


YOLO FTW Dan 1,900, 05:22

c) Setts

AdUnit Dan 1,900, 05:37

C) Setts

beerman616 Dan 1,900, 05:38

c) Setts

AL Commando
AL Commando Dan 1,900, 05:39


Wacky368 Dan 1,900, 06:52

c) setts

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,900, 09:33


Uber kiko
Uber kiko Dan 1,900, 11:34


Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Dan 1,900, 21:49

Great work on this quiz. You've raised momentum in a good way. Ta.

BataIjun Dan 1,901, 04:25

I agree, this kind of articles and games are the way to go.

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Dan 1,901, 06:10

^^ Me too.

kuckuck Dan 1,901, 15:39


Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Dan 1,901, 20:34


Badger06 Dan 1,902, 09:25

last question out on monday

Badger06 Dan 1,903, 10:57

had no power so it has been delayed, for the non south africans who dont know what I mean it means I had no electricty

Badger06 Dan 1,903, 11:20

q 10 is out

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