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[USA&AMP] DHS Congressional ATO and AMP Programs!!

Dan 1,926, 05:49 s strani Luis Nordmann

Hello fellow eAmericans,

Today I would like to comment with you the success of the last ATO operations as well as the congressional elections. I will also update things on side of AMP so that you, fellow AMPer stay on with the current programs.

Department of Homeland Security - Congressional ATO efforts

So a few days ago, before our congressionals, the AFA attempted, once again to push a smaller party into the top 5 in order to kill part of the our percentage in congress. I have to say this time it was very close and they did nearly succeed. For the sake of America, I’m glad they didn’t and I’m glad for being one of the persons responsible for their failure. Not just me but also the whole congress, Jefferson Locke and the rest of the DHS. I’m also here to give publicly my thanks to Batoa (the Albanian PP) and to the rest of the USA allies that helped us during this operation, with their help not only we managed to keep our parties secure but we also managed to get down the AFA congressional % slightly.

Now.. I heard the AFA wants to take some steps forward in order to to cooperate with the government, some days ago, I would have said “Fine, as long as you take time to prove yourself and to prove us that you mean no harm to this country”, right now I wouldn’t say this...

A few hours before the parties locked during congressional ATO, there were several rogue proposals from AFA congressmen. The only reason there weren’t more was because a few congressmen of ours proposed laws that mean no change at all regarding taxes. Here are the links to the said rogue proposals:


Surprisingly... Or not... the first one was proposed by Ronald Gipper Reagan (aka Ajay). So I ask Ajay, how did you feel about not being able to push your little PTO party into the top 5? How did you feel about your failure? You mad bro?!?

I’m not going to place all the AFA people in the same bag, but like I said millions of times... You’d be better off without Ajay.

Now, there’s someone that needs a few answers as well, this time I’m speaking directly to New Faustian Man (AFA congressman) with who I had a few somewhat reasonable discussions. So I’m going to answer because those questions are important:

1. Although I can consider you are right when saying the parties can be considered legitimized or not and by who and while I can say you cannot label a whole party just because of one person or a group of people, I will confront you with this: You know, probably as well as I do that the most valuable thing a politician has is his/her reputation. Once the reputation gets lost, the person looses legitimacy. Like I said above, I’m not going to place the whole AFA members in the same bag, but there are many in there who were banned more times than I’d care to count for the use of multis for example... Now I ask you: Would you legitimize people who cheat the game and go against its rules for countless times? I wouldn’t.

2. Like I said, just because someone does millions of damage for the community, if they cheat the game, in my opinion they lose their legitimacy.

3. RGR started the PTOing, that did not start back in 2010. I suggest you speak to Cromstar since he knows way more than me and in way better detail about the RGR debacles. Oh and just so you know, RGR account is not his first account or even his second... and you still support someone who cheated on the game countless times? My turn to ask: Hypocrisy much?

4. About the schemes, we do have other smaller parties around, some of them with newer members, if they moved up because they have better leaders and all that, I’d say: Okay good. But if they are like the AFA which is a party splitting in order to kick another party off the top 5, sorry but no.

5. Just because you say the Dan Wang/CerbisWar thing had low changes to work, it is still an impersonation of an old and legitimate player and obviously a dirty scheme, it’s like you in RL going to the registry and pay to change your name to the name of someone way more respectable than you, it’s just not acceptable.

You keep saying we’re not tolerant with people from different nationalities but here’s something: I have a real life Serbian in my own AMP Leadership and he has done a lot for the party, giving us proof that he is a true eAmerican. Personally it’s not really the RL flag that matters here, it’s the intentions. The same way there are Serbians who come to the eUS to PTO us and harm the community, some come with good intentions. If someone comes to the eUS in good will and wishes to play with the community then they should have their place when they prove themselves.

American Military Party - Directly from the Party President Office!

Alright, now this segment is only directed to my fellow AMPers! First off I want to congratulate the ones who got elected to congress being them:

1. Israel Stevens
2. Black Baroness
3. George S Patton Jr
4. Free Area
5. CrimsonNinja
6. Brickwall
7. Rushaun
8. Evry
9. Lemon Vodka

I have great faith in you and that you will do a good job in congress. As Party President and as a Former Congressman, I decided to not run for congress this month in order for someone newer to take my seat and have a chance to serve the country. Congratulations to the new AMP Senators!I also want to congratulate Israel Stevens for being nominated our AMP Congressional Whip!

Also, I would like to announce the AMP is concerned about educating its new players for congress, so in order to do this, the AMP PAC Department lead by Brickwall and Evry decided to create a quiz in order to know the knowledge of each congress applicants and to sign them a mentor in case of need. We hope to have educated congressmen representing the People and our party!

If you wish to take a look at the quiz, please click at the image below:

AMP Retention - Interparty Poker Tournment (Texas Hold’em)

The AMP Retention Department is organizing an Interparty Poker Tournment, everyone is allowed to participate except for the AFA PTOers. The registration period will last for more 3 days, after that the tables will be sorted. Only the 3 last standing people will win prize money. The prizes will be according to what we receive from the buy-ins.

Here are the details for the Tournment:

500 USD if level 27>
300 if level 27<

Sign-up Form


Instructions for PokerTH


AMP CP Endorsement Electoral procedures

As you all know, February is a shorter month, which means we will have to do a quicker electoral procedure in order to follow up the Unity Process. The AMP nominations are already up as you probably know if you received the Message we sent yesterday, today the Primary will start, don’t forget to go vote!

I will place the link for the polls in here when the Primary opens!

I hope you, fellow AMPer have enjoyed your time around here and if you have any questions, feel free to send a PM me a PM.

Your Party President,
Dr Luis Sentieiro

I hope you all have enjoyed your time with a good "The Drunk Donkey" reading and I hope you, fellow AMP members stay in touch with the current Party operations! Feel free to also comment the ATO efforts! Sincerely,



Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dan 1,926, 05:50

First Denied for a Successful ATO and AMP Programs!!!

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Dan 1,926, 06:19

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs!! ✯ ✯ ✯

Anwnimos Dan 1,926, 06:49

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs!! ✯ ✯ ✯

Tiacha Dan 1,926, 06:56


SilentSurfer Dan 1,926, 07:43

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs!! ✯ ✯ ✯

kushtrimzz Dan 1,926, 08:12


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,926, 12:37

AMP was 2 votes shy of taking one of our seats.


Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dan 1,926, 13:58

Lol, that doesn't change the fact you failed for the billionth time to PTO the eUSA. u mad bro?

MDejzi Dan 1,926, 16:14

Ronald Gipper Reagan this name means a bunch of lies

OLDStrategy Dan 1,926, 16:19


Viarizi Dan 1,926, 16:57

booooooring, here are a few more interesting things to read:

[MISS eRepublik] eUSA winner annunciation

[AFA] Introducing the 6th Party Initiative

[AFA] Just another election cycle

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dan 1,928, 08:54

Lol more interesting? An inniciative to include the 6th parties... interesting but the fact you guys say we don't include them is a blatant lie. We have been running people from their parties for months now, get your facts straight.

The Miss erepublik thing is another big lie. The 3rd article is written by someone with no credibility and who is still too new to understand decently the game mechanics behind the economical problems.

I don't need to read articles filled up with lies and BS. Thank you very much.

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