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[EA] Busy-Bee Tendencies.

Dan 1,893, 19:24 Published in USA ZDA s strani EnterAwesome

Hello Once again Readers,

This is a personal article, so if you want anything relevant to eRep or important issues you will not find any here... Sorry!

Recently I've been a little down and really didn't know why. Today I spent a lot of time in a car and thought a lot about what has changed to make me feel this way. My life, like practically everyone's, isn't the definition of ideal. The responsibility and pressure on my shoulders is insurmountable as I try to cope with the expectations set upon me. It is easy to say things like “Forget about it” or “Don't worry you'll do fine”, but at the core of the situation it is much deeper, too deep to express here.

However, there is a relaxed time in between my busy-bee tendencies and for the last 2-3 months I was enjoying this interglacial period. That was the time that I ran for Fed PP and took a little more eRep responsibilities. I've learned yesterday that the approach of my RL commitments will resume on Monday. To be completely honest, I don't like much about my real life. I have a mom who throws her visa my way when I am sad and a dad who is non-existent because he is so important in life. So it might be cliché to say that eRep is my 2nd life, but in a way it is. I really feel that I am a grown up (Until certain eRep people tell me when to go to bed) and I play these roles that are pretty much impossible in real life.

More importantly eRepublik is a way for me to escape my real life and think about something different... even if it is an online game...

I'll be losing that on Monday and I think that is where my sadness comes in. It may seem like “duh of course that is it” but it wasn't or should I say isn't apparent to me. I won't be around much, but I will still be here. My focuses during my busy time will be the DoE department (training someone to take over hopefully), the Ultramarines, Federalist Party and ENN. Nothing Else... other then QMing... I love QMing.

Some good news is that I will have access to a computer A LOT so I will be on the Fed Forums and IRC a lot, even more then what I have been. I will just be doing RL work rather then eRep work.

Sorry if this was like... too much or too personal especially for a game but I really love the people I've met in this game and the things Ive done and wanted to say it... :) Even if this is/isn't why I'm sad has yet to be confirmed.

Exploration EnterAwesome<3



John Largo
John Largo Dan 1,893, 19:29

Nothing important can happen on Monday. All important eRep dates end in a 5.

jmoneytizzle Dan 1,893, 19:35

Good Luck

potato134 Dan 1,893, 20:14

have fun at school

ligtreb Dan 1,893, 20:24

Good luck in RL!

Candor Dan 1,894, 22:00

"All important eRep dates end in a 5"

I don't know why I had never realized that, weird.

Big picture, the game is just a community of people. We all have responsibilities elsewhere, and almost always those come first!


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