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[Article Contest] History 101

Dan 1,903, 10:46 s strani Dranze R

Finally, I could get off my laziness to come up with an article. The rewards are too much to let go :P

The India Pakistan Wars

There is no love lost between eIndia and ePakistan. The RL rivalry of both the countries continued into the new world as well.

Prelude and the first war

eIndia was a large country of 16 regions but a relatively weak military and population, under Illuminati. ePakistan had a strong military force and was under Dio Brando. [More could be written about Dioism, but I dont want to invite forfeit points] and had many allies. Needless to say, eIndia was defeated.

Random event of the time- eChina was PTO'ed by Pakistan.

After few days, India regains back most of its regions.
The Second War

This time, primarily Dioist ePakistan was under the leadership of Max McFarland. It made controversial statements and published articles and finally declared war on eIndia . eIndia had comaprable military to ePakistan. Max McFarland had used his financial clout to gain tactical advantage over the forces of India.

eIndia, under Iseutz, with the help of eUSA, was able to retain 1 region, with eUSA holding off with 3 regions. ePakistan had control over 13 regions.

The End? Picture abhi baki hai mere dost..

The Third War

This time ePakistan again conquered few regions in eIndia. This time though, eIndia had payback on mind. eIndia under President Anant Singhal and Military Commander Maverick10 DodgeKnight, with the help of eChina, completely wiped off ePakistan off the map, with eIndia comquering 3 of ePakistan's original regions and eChina the remaining two.

As a token of gratitude for helping eIndia defeating ePakistan, eIndia gave North East India region to eChina rent free.

The Fitting Finish.

This concludes one of the most important chapters in eIndia's History.
P.S - The above story is true for the most part. Some voids in timeline are filled up by creative fiction.



Khurram Innocent Monster
Khurram Innocent Monster Dan 1,903, 12:43

Dio Bio SH*T!!!

Mr Jim Moriarty
Mr Jim Moriarty Dan 1,903, 17:57

P.S - The above story is, for the most part, a load of bs, although I suspect it wasn't deliberate.

TimberJack Dan 1,904, 03:45


maverick10 Dodge Knight
maverick10 Dodge Knight Dan 1,904, 12:59

Military commander .. haha sounds sexy : P

Jewel Biswas
Jewel Biswas Dan 1,904, 16:45


Ashwamedh Dan 1,905, 02:23

voted!! o/

Nicely written Dinesh... : D

shreyash_wadiwala Dan 1,905, 10:02

The Third war is actually a training war which is started by India...

But our CP Anant was trapped by Pakistan & Serbia...

The T.W war turned into Real WAR...

Pakistan wiped us very badly with the help of Serbia & Poland..(at that time China's many regions are also captured by Serbia.)....

After that Bulgaria,Croatia,Romania,China helped us very much to get(win) our region back...We can't forget the help of China N Bulgaria....

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