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Don't vote for Muz 2

6 Ziua 2,810, 02:34 Publicat în Pakistan Pakistan Dezbateri și analiză politică Dezbateri și analiză politică

This is the second part of the series "Don't vote for Muz". For understanding, read the first part before you read this.
1 Muz 2 is the second sloth
2 He is also a sloth
3 He is also lazier than Muz 1 sloth
4 Dunno who's human who's not

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The War

13 Ziua 2,649, 03:25 Publicat în India India Socializare și divertisment Socializare și divertisment

Le wild border appears..

Destiny India
"Imma NE Pahestan fur teh lulz"

Meanwhile in Pahestan..

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6 Ziua 2,453, 04:58 Publicat în Serbia Serbia Socializare și divertisment Socializare și divertisment

The New World,In the time of tanks, titans and medal hunters, dying citizens cried out for a Savior. Finally, their prayers have been answered. They were blessed to SUFFeR!

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