Ambient pornit/oprit


14 Ziua 2,318, 17:48 China Socializare și divertisment Socializare și divertisment

Hello to everyone that will throw his(or hers) eyes over this article - and I am grateful to all of them. I will use the lyrics of a song that I love to express some of my feelings and ideas about what happened in the past 2-3 weeks, so here goes

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New alliance.

9 Ziua 2,282, 09:02 China Analiză militară Analiză militară

This is my personal opinion about the new alliances and all the other country's + my thoughts about erepublik in general:


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166 Ziua 2,229, 03:07 China Analiză militară Analiză militară

各位基佬, 我达成泰坦啦。 在此派包!留下 sub、vote 在 comment!

Hello my dear countryman, want to wish you all Happy Holidays (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year).

Do to the snowman and this

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13 Ziua 2,196, 16:51 Pakistan Analiză militară Analiză militară

My dear countrymen I write this article on the brink of war, recent events have changed the scene beyond recognition, so that we find ourselves today being tested to the … citește în continuare »

[CP]Lock, stock and two smoking barrels!

63 Ziua 2,169, 05:24 Pakistan Dezbateri și analiză politică Dezbateri și analiză politică

Hello my dear countrymen, I never would have thought that this article would be necessary, but it seems that the lyin and the hypocrisy of some persons that wanna “help” it’s too much and I hate it when I … citește în continuare »