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那么现在大家一起来拿起武器协助罗马尼亚 (我的国家) 打爆波波吧!

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[RE-Publish]Congress elections.

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Ni Hao everyone.

“The doer of good becomes good, the doer of evil becomes evil. One becomes virtuous by virtuous action, bad by bad actions”

As we saw in the past days the croatians

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Ni Hao everyone!

Today it’s a kinda special day for me and a good reason to celebrate alongside you all, the eCN community.

So to celebrate this 26th milestone in my life and because the last 2 years

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In a parallel universe ...

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Hello( again ),

We all saw in the past 2 weeks or so how Asteria has struggled to really deal enough damage to Sirius and to remove Chile from Europe ( they should be the first target of the alliance ), but the [url=http://www.

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[ CN / EN ] 复活节比赛 / Easter Bunny Competition

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首先祝在 EC的每个人快乐的复活节快乐!这也是发这篇文章的主要原因。

同时在即将来临的复活节竞争祝你们好运!我们也将发送给在我的军团的每一个士兵200 Q7坦克,来享受比赛。

PS:不要把你的棒棒糖一次过浪费哦,说不定我们在未来的日子里还要。 … citește în continuare »