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Prepare for War!

46 Ziua 2,426, 19:52 Pakistan Analiză militară Analiză militară

Operation Pepperstone Razor

Ever since our treasury has been full for an Airstrike the subject has come up … citește în continuare »

Seeking a Second Term

14 Ziua 2,413, 13:00 Pakistan Dezbateri și analiză politică Dezbateri și analiză politică

Hello Pakistan. I am seeking another term as President of Pakistan. Over the course of this past term I have done my best for the country. At the beginning of the month Ashan … citește în continuare »

We might be losing Congress this month

13 Ziua 2,405, 15:05 Pakistan Analiză militară Analiză militară

The current one isn't very active to begin with but...

Balochistan is being attacked at this time.
A RW was started in Sindh (to clear all remaining determination points there).

The Sindh RW is looking successful so far, so...

Loose Balo,

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An Update for the People

21 Ziua 2,400, 18:24 Pakistan Ordine de luptă Ordine de luptă

The last 24 hours Asteria and Leto have lead a [url=http://wiki.erepublik. … citește în continuare »

Join The Legion, Praising Dio Every Day!

23 Ziua 2,398, 14:31 Pakistan Analiză militară Analiză militară

Infinite Army is Infinite

A New Military Unit has formed in the [url=
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