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Drunken CP

18 cu 11 ore în urmă Publicat în Canada Canada Ordine de luptă Ordine de luptă

Ever buy two big crunches no lettuce and no mayo before you planned on getting drunk?

Then you ate one before the Oilers loss and the second had the nerve to be dried out as F**k at 4 in the morning.

still cheqwing

Military Orders

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Fortune Favours the Bold

25 Ziua 2,871, 19:36 Publicat în Canada Canada Ordine de luptă Ordine de luptă

Well its time to go back to old reliable for pictures and my avatar for this coming war. Regardless of what I've said to the CPF and current Govt I plan on going all in for the coming war as … citește în continuare »

Amusing CPF Tactics

40 Ziua 2,865, 21:13 Publicat în Canada Canada Dezbateri și analiză politică Dezbateri și analiză politică

I've come to believe Exalted Druid our current CPF elected CP is a hilarious joke and its apparent to anyone that stops and takes a look at his actions recently. He's … citește în continuare »

The Real Canadian S**t Show

42 Ziua 2,856, 23:03 Publicat în Canada Canada Analiză militară Analiză militară

Well s**t sure hits the fan and sometimes there's never a dull moment when I'm in charge. To bad for you guys the fan isn't always pointed the … citește în continuare »

Dills going away Party

14 Ziua 2,855, 14:20 Publicat în Canada Canada Socializare și divertisment Socializare și divertisment

Sometimes as a Dictator you have to identify when its time to help one of your subjects along into the next world. This can arise for any … citește în continuare »