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[RA] Congratulations from Russia!

6 Ziua 940, 17:20 Ungaria

Dear friends!

It was a long day, a mighty blow has been dealt to EDEN in a show of great cooperation of our allies that made this battle historical and glorious. It was a pleasure to fight alongside you and to help our dear … citește în continuare »

Hail France! [EN]

21 Ziua 940, 11:37 Franța

Vive la France

Dear friends! We congratulate you this difficult but important victory!
France is an old friend of Russia and we are happy to fight shoulder to shoulder with you against the enemy! We … citește în continuare »

[МИД] Обзор деятельности

16 Ziua 937, 11:31 Rusia

<img src=""><img src="">

→ Пролог

Всем добрый вечер, в этой статье мы расскажем о деятельности МИД

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[МИД] О работе

6 Ziua 929, 10:37 Rusia

Добрый вечер всем, для начала я хотел бы выразить благодарность экс-министру иностранных дел Могабе, за хорошую работу и передачу мне полностью рабочего министерства, спасибо и удачи тебе

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Хвала вам, браћо!

25 Ziua 918, 10:38 Serbia

<img src="" />

Guys, that was awesome!

This was an epic victory, a demonstration of strength and will of the Serbian people. The battle of Liaoning was vital not only for eSerbia , but for Phoenix as a

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