Ambient pornit/oprit

hey eAus

15 Ziua 1,951, 05:53 Australia Analiză militară Analiză militară

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Seals Never Sleep

13 Ziua 1,602, 00:02 China Analiză militară Analiză militară



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Fight for the Resistance in Zona Austral

8 Ziua 1,172, 16:18 Australia

Fight for the Resistance in Zona Austral

We're returning this region to eChile'>

this is an official RW. Orders for ADF to come soon.

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Vote Mack for NT

4 Ziua 1,162, 15:49 Australia

I'm not one for huge glitzy articles with heaps of pictures and promises about how i'll change the nation.

I'll just say that i've been part of this great community for almost 2 years now. been a grunt in the military all the way up to marshal/

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Christmas wishes

7 Ziua 1,130, 03:56 Australia

I may have already wished you a Happy and Merry Christmas but if I haven’t then please accept this special greeting, but it is difficult in today's world to know exactly what to say without offending someone. So I met with my lawyer yesterday, and

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