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Thoughts about Unity!

Ziua 1,978, 21:28 de Luis Nordmann

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Hello everyone! Today I will speak about the importance of Unity, I’m not really talking about the unity as an electoral process but yes unity as a country!

Although I have to admit, personally I’d rather not have this so called unity elections, I recognize we need them in order to fight the political take-over threat (PTO threat) we face these days. Even though we need this process, all in all, honestly, I think we should go further as a country and as a nation.

Besides the main division between our side and the PTO threat side and the American Freedom Alliance, we also have a lot of divisions among ourselves. In all honesty, the only time I think the country is actually united is really in the polls when we need to vote and when it comes down to fight the public enemy #1 Ronald Gipper Reagan, other than that there are always fights for one or another reason. I think we need all to get over this and start working on getting in practice the unity we all try to preach.

We have divisions in our Military Units and sometimes we see our damage broken into three. We have division in our parties while some try to do mudsling at the other parties just because they want more members or they are trying to achieve something on their own and we have the people sometimes fighting among themselves for really pointless reasons. Many times we don’t listen to the ones close to us and end up messing something we should have not. I say this because me, as part of the community sometimes committed this very same mistakes.

I don’t care exactly from where you are (as long as you're not a PTO threat), I don’t care about who you are, if you are from the JCS, USAF, that top 4 party or another, no one is better than anyone and look: For the best and the worst we are all in the same team! This is something we should all have in mind and I believe if sometimes we actually had this in mind and stopped fighting for so petty reasons and ancient hatred, I believe this country could move a lot further! Hate or love me, the truth should be said always, regardless!

To the new players in general, do not let yourself be intimidated by anyone, be humble and listen to the older players who are around and are here just to help and teach your way around and your own ambitions. Above all, do not hesitate to ask for help! If you need to know something, ask your Party President, MU captain or Commander, the government, the Department of Education... There are many places where you can ask for help and for a new player, help will always be provided!

To the older players, I would like you to have in mind this: unity is not just an election. Unity starts from the moment you open a helping hand to another person. Unity starts when you forget your past hatred and move further for the best of the community. Unity starts when you participate in tying the knot and strengthen the chains that keep us all together in the same team! A true leader will never attempt to dissociate the community from itself, a true leader will strengthen it and gather it together!

This are just some thoughts of someone who, although not really a very old player, has been around for a while and seen a bit of everything everywhere! Just be reasonable, you all can true eAmericans!

To newer players, if you need help, don’t hesitate to send me a message! To the country: I am starting and continuing to give my contribute, will you do the same? Will you help and gather this country around the same banner?

I count on you all! To the ones who have always been around and helped, my greatest and sincere thanks!

Yours in Service,

Dr Luis Sentieiro



Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Ziua 1,978, 21:29

First for a United Country! Underline UNITED States of America!

Pope Jude the First Ziua 1,978, 21:32

Comentariu șters

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Ziua 1,978, 21:40

For a United Country !!
Feel the AMPs \o/

Alexander Radsoc Goebbels
Alexander Radsoc Goebbels Ziua 1,978, 21:59

Strength and honour

Dogpyle Ziua 1,978, 22:26

Well said, DLS.


TheKnightTemplar Ziua 1,979, 01:10


Black Baroness Ziua 1,979, 04:31

Comentariu șters

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Ziua 1,979, 04:35

Lui è il portoghese e non un membro della mafia xDD

TheKnightTemplar Ziua 1,979, 08:15

si si.

creitzell Ziua 1,979, 03:34


Divineal Ziua 1,979, 03:47

For a United Country !!
Feel the AMPs \o/

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Ziua 1,979, 03:47

Well said.

Emerick Ziua 1,979, 05:41

>public enemy #1 Ronald Gipper Reagan

What a beautiful phrase

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Ziua 1,979, 10:24
198475207539476323412435634745632123546456th Reincarnation of Pizza the hut. xD

Cubby Ziua 1,979, 05:56

The Seed has been planted.

John Largo
John Largo Ziua 1,979, 06:09

Voted for Unity

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Ziua 1,979, 10:03

Well enjoy having "Unity" Elections forever. we ain't going nowhere.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Ziua 1,979, 10:20

Lol. The article isn't about the elections per se. Learn to read.

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Ziua 1,980, 07:22

why do you insist on constantly failing? Cut yourself some slack

TorrinTheGreat Ziua 1,979, 13:52

just curious why do u italicize everything? It makes it annoying to read.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Ziua 1,979, 14:06

More because I like Torrin, but being honest with you, you're the first one to complain about it. I guess I'll go with the majority for now. : )

TorrinTheGreat Ziua 1,979, 17:04

It's a good article and all, its just an article is not meant to be completely italicized.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Ziua 1,979, 14:10

Voted for Unity x2

Fitisin Ziua 1,979, 14:54

USAF inhales tubular Donkey Kongs

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Ziua 1,979, 15:03

This comment is not very unity inspiring

Norbengo Ziua 1,979, 15:15

Smartest man among the active elites

SColbert Ziua 1,979, 15:46

Italicize much?

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Ziua 1,979, 16:01

Dr Luis Sentieiro adds Scolbert to the italicize dislike statistics. You are the second. : )

IDEIAS Ziua 1,979, 16:06

Voetd o/

Waysted Ziua 1,979, 17:19


o7. You are the man.

Celtic Nightmare
Celtic Nightmare Ziua 1,979, 20:16


emdoublegee Ziua 1,979, 20:22

Absolutely! Well put brother!

For Unity!

Tyrannocopters Ziua 1,979, 23:42

Propoganda burns my eyes!

Tyrannocopters Ziua 1,979, 23:44

I see the nescessity of Unity, but this is still propoganda.
Maybe one day American's can read articles about Unity that don't sound like they came from the Ministry of Truth.

Coyote99 Ziua 1,980, 07:48

Shush, politician >

KOSOVA Batoa Ziua 1,980, 00:48

Very good article united we are stronger o/

Belisarus Ziua 1,980, 01:10

Friend of my enemy cannot be my friend at the same time. Enough said - division will always exist until we stop helping so-called friends (Bulgaria, Macedonia) who are best friends of our PTOers (Serbia), while tolerating their support for attacks on our real friends such as Russia. Membership in CoT - Americans, we must really be ashamed.

Tim_Holtz Ziua 1,980, 01:18

Rl Americans dont have a problem with any of the countries you mentioned, you bring RL into a game and then you complain when Americans try to play it

Belisarus Ziua 1,980, 01:28

Why do you mention any RL issues? What RL issues have to do with my previous statement? These are just pure facts - Serbia is our enemy as they constantly try to PTO USA, officially or non-officially, it doesnt matter. And now we entered into an alliance with their friends (Macedonia, Bulgaria), or allies, who proved to fight for Serbia and TWO no matters what is happening. At the same time, we abandoned our long-time friends (France), and tolerated CoT behavior of supporting TWO when they attacked our current 'best-friend' Russia. If this is RL politics, only lunatic will do such a thing, its like UK allying Japan or Italy in WW2, while fighting Germans, or US allying Germany and fighting Japan.

Tim_Holtz Ziua 1,980, 01:45

Gruyo Gruev said it correctly, Serbia actually is helping EDEN against COT now... the US isnt allied with friends of serbia, infact serbia basically disowned CoT because of the USA

Belisarus Ziua 1,980, 03:03

Serbia is helping Eden? Eden is a dead horse, so kicking or helping a dead horse cannot be regarded as a serious thing. It looks to me that Romania is in fact running away from dead Eden. We will see who is really helping Eden, and who helps CoT. We all know what Poland did to us, and according to our naive diplomacy, its almost a sure bet that we will be fooled again. We are just forgetting who are our long-standing friends and allies, and it's a shame.

Tim_Holtz Ziua 1,980, 03:48

are you stupid? the fact that EDEN is breaking up (shown by Romania) means that TWO and CoT are likely to go to war, meaning the people you dismiss as puppets of serbia are going to be fighting with us against Serbia.

seriously grow a brain, your own comments point out how you are wrong

Gruyo Gruev
Gruyo Gruev Ziua 1,980, 01:27

I have never seen an alliance making so much sacrifises for a new member, who doesn't care one bit about that. This is very disappointing.

Belisarus Ziua 1,980, 01:31

You must be kidding. When you (Bulgaria) sacrificed yourself in the last month for US interest? In TW with Mexico? I have never seen a country with a top damage being a trial member for 3-4 months. It shows how CoT really respect US.

Gruyo Gruev
Gruyo Gruev Ziua 1,980, 01:38
In case you've been living in an eCave recently. Our strongest allies turned against us only because we wanted to have you in CoT. I am glad to see you appreciate it.

Belisarus Ziua 1,980, 02:58

We will see what happens next, in the last 2-3 years I have seen many spin-offs and fakings. The future will show if CoT is really ready to become independent and cut its strong ties with TWO. Anyway, you knew what will happen when US become a member, and your leadership kept prolonging our acceptance only to sit on two chairs - to have our damage and still to be allied with TWO. This is not fair play, and very far from 'circle of trust'.

Belisarus Ziua 1,980, 03:10

I have just checked MPPs of Serbia. They signed MPP with Bulgaria and Macedonia, and then only few hours later with Romania. So, now Serbian MPPs with Bulgaria will last for one month, with Macedonia for 2 months. So, the charter of CoT will be put in action only in one month time. Enough time to change anything the Serbian diplomacy wish. I smell that we will be fooled again. But we deserve it, so go ahead.

Chernobyl disaster
Chernobyl disaster Ziua 1,980, 03:39

You speak of unity ?
I am a citizen of America.
But I don't want to help..
I am asking for help . But I refuse..
They say that I'm the ENEMY !! because I'm in the AFA..
I'm fighting for America !!

Sorry for the mistakes , I'm Russian

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Ziua 1,980, 07:25

I guess youve never heard of a PTO then...

Coyote99 Ziua 1,980, 07:52

The person running your party is a communist rat-bastard trying to take over our country since V1.

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