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One small step for you is a giant leap for someone

Ziua 2,285, 12:36 de The Dark J0ker

Maybe Romper doesn’t get his mission for 400th level but I’ve got mine for 200th:

But that isn’t point of this article, that is just to show my readers that free train forever from level 201 isn’t a lie :)

Who don’t know I’m from Zagreb, Croatia, but article is published in ePoland and whoever want to translate it on your language is feel free to do it. I have friends who’ll publish this part of arcitcle it in eSerbia and eCroatia and you can publish it in your own language in every other eCountry of the eWorld.

Few years ago few players from eCroatia thought that we could attract very media attention and make a baby boom if we make an action of donating blood of eRep players from Croatia and every media would write about 100 or more people from some game doing some great thing for community :)

But we didn’t do it then for some reason :-/

Because I regurally donate blood every 3 months, from last year few eRep players from Zagreb, Croatia donates blood every 3 monts.

First time only three of us donated blood, but last time small group of 9 people gathered :)

I was thinking if we could do international action, in every country 10-20 people can donate blood on same day, that would be around 500-1000 donations, and maybe we could contact London for:

I tried to do it now but, they are slow or I don’t want to give 700 $ that they become fast :D

“Guinness World Records offers a completely free-of-charge service to anyone who wishes to attempt a world record. It takes us up to 6 weeks to assess an application to attempt an existing record title and up to 12 weeks to assess an application for a new record title.
Fast Track is a priority processing service which ensures your record application is processed with three working days.
You can Fast Track the processing of your claim at any time. Fast Track processing, in English, costs £450/$700 and, should your application be accepted, also provides a review of your evidence with in three working days of receipt.
Fast Track is a priority service for the processing of your record application, it does not guarantee that your application will be successful. We are unable to refund the priority processing fee for unsuccessful applications.”

We probably won’t ever reach this world record:

But I was thinking, 4 weeks from now, 21st March, first day of spring we can do something big, all of you can take 1 hour of your time and donate blood and help someone :)

And 21st March can be a test and if we pass it, if we can do over 1000 blood donations in one day all over World, 3 months from now we can send aplication for Guiness World record most blood donations in one day from players of one online game

When you donate blood just send me proof of your donating and I can send them a proof:

And we can send them all documentation of our donations :)

Some facts about blood donations:

Someone needs blood every two seconds.

About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital need blood.

One pint of blood can save up to three lives.

Healthy adults who are at least 17 years old, and at least 110 pounds may donate about a pint of blood—the most common form of donation—every 56 days, or every two months, depending on iron levels. Females receive 53 percent of blood transfusions; males receive 47 percent.

Four main red blood cell types: A, B, AB and O. Each can be positive or negative for the Rh factor. AB is the universal recipient; O negative is the universal donor of red blood cells.

Dr. Karl Landsteiner first identified the major human blood groups – A, B, AB and O – in 1901.

42 days: how long most donated red blood cells can be stored.

Five days: how long most donated platelets can be stored.

One year: how long frozen plasma can be stored.

Much of today’s medical care depends on a steady supply of blood from healthy donors.

2.7 pints: the average whole blood and red blood cell transfusion.

Anemic patients need blood transfusions to increase their red blood cell levels.
Cancer, transplant and trauma patients, and patients undergoing open-heart surgery may require platelet transfusions to survive.

Many patients with severe sickle cell disease receive blood transfusions every month.

A patient could be forced to pass up a lifesaving organ, if compatible blood is not available to support the transplant.

Thirteen tests (11 for infectious diseases) are performed on each unit of donated blood.

17 percent of non-donors cite “never thought about it” as the main reason for not giving, while 15 percent say they’re too busy.

The #1 reason blood donors say they give is because they “want to help others.”
Shortages of all blood types happen during the summer and winter holidays.

Blood centers often run short of types O and B red blood cells.

The rarest blood type is the one not on the shelf when it’s needed by a patient.
There is no substitute for human blood.

If all blood donors gave three times a year, blood shortages would be a rare event (The current average is about two.).

46.5 gallons: amount of blood you could donate if you begin at age 17 and donate every 56 days (depending on iron levels) until you reach 79 years old.

Four easy steps to donate blood: medical history, quick physical, donation and snacks.

The actual blood donation usually takes about 10 minutes. The entire process – from the time you sign in to the time you leave – takes about an hour.

After donating blood, you replace the fluid in hours and the red blood cells within four weeks. It takes eight weeks to restore the iron lost after donating.

You cannot get AIDS or any other infectious disease by donating blood.

10 pints: amount of blood in the body of an average adult.

One unit of whole blood is roughly the equivalent of one pint.

Blood makes up about 7 percent of your body’s weight.

A newborn baby has about one cup of blood in his body.

Giving blood will not decrease your strength.

Any company, community organization, place of worship or individual may contact their local community blood center to host a blood drive.

People who donate blood are volunteers and are not paid for their donation.

500,000: the number of Americans who donated blood in the days following the September 11 attacks.

Blood donation. It’s about an hour of your time. It’s About Life.

Be smart and adjust to the game as always! :)



JNJK92 Ziua 2,285, 12:38


xenophob Ziua 2,285, 14:30


Subscribe please:

El Tarlo Ziua 2,287, 03:27

Comentariu șters

Bucephalus92 Ziua 2,285, 12:38


J Seemore
J Seemore Ziua 2,285, 12:41


erepub1ik Ziua 2,285, 12:43


don hrleone
don hrleone Ziua 2,285, 12:42


Endritt Zekka
Endritt Zekka Ziua 2,285, 12:48

Great idea


ThorFSB Ziua 2,285, 12:48

Stavi me na popis i podsjeti me 21.3 za to. Imas me na FB.


OleOle256 Ziua 2,285, 12:49


purebending Ziua 2,285, 12:54


jedimindtrick Ziua 2,285, 12:56

will you sign the training contract now?


LANCHALOCA Ziua 2,285, 13:00


Maxwell Wolf
Maxwell Wolf Ziua 2,285, 13:02


Pasta93 Ziua 2,285, 13:04

Ovaj članak mi kao sol na ranu pa.. Nažalost plakao sam ko malo dijete kad su mi rekli da nemogu donirat krv i taj dan će mi zauvik ostat u glavi kao dan kad nikome pomoga nisam a moga sam....

Sarma Ziua 2,286, 05:13

kako si mogao, ako su ti rekli da ne mozes?!?

Pasta93 Ziua 2,286, 09:11

pa kad nemogu dat krv a tio sam bar nekako pomoć to sam htio reć

Sarma Ziua 2,286, 09:15

namera je bitna... bice drugi put...

vratarx Ziua 2,285, 13:13

bravo...steta sto nema 21.3. u mome gradu akcije a ne moze se donirati u transfuziji kao nekad,inače 38 davanja do sada...dat cu 20.3.(zadnji dan trodnevne akcije)

OkanOzcelik Ziua 2,285, 13:19



I`m 52 (((((

CroaTurk Ziua 2,285, 13:30

Good job bro!
Pozdrav iz Rijeke!

Trito Fisher
Trito Fisher Ziua 2,285, 13:30

Great Idea

Ashkoort Ziua 2,285, 13:35


Bolorg Brat Bole
Bolorg Brat Bole Ziua 2,285, 13:49


xenophob Ziua 2,285, 14:22

Just 91 levels to go!

Alex Lawrence
Alex Lawrence Ziua 2,285, 14:26


Efesli Ziua 2,285, 14:27


poletarec Ziua 2,285, 14:44


SvakoDobro Ziua 2,285, 14:53

you know i`m with you, my friend.
we will do our best to gather as much serbs as we can.
for now there is about 20 people from the few cities.
after publishing this article in eSerbia i hope more people will be up for this action.
tnx for idea and tnx for support.
Hail good people allover the world!
SvakoDobroSvima o/

vojislavp Ziua 2,285, 15:06

dobra ideja jas sum dal dosega 16 pati ili 15 ..i sekao planiram okolu 19 mart da davam

ketoner Ziua 2,285, 15:07

Just 200th? Meh....

El Che G
El Che G Ziua 2,285, 15:09


Nik7deputa Ziua 2,285, 15:14


Dryblas Ziua 2,285, 15:13

I'm on my mission, too

Cheap Sunglasses
Cheap Sunglasses Ziua 2,285, 15:17


erevons Ziua 2,285, 15:23

v s

CHRISTIANE.F Ziua 2,285, 15:28


googoodoll Ziua 2,285, 15:39

Brilliant, as always.
I shall try to do it and pass it on the idea in Romanian community.

Iain Keers
Iain Keers Ziua 2,285, 15:47

Imagine the poor soul who gets my blood

KOSOVA Batoa Ziua 2,285, 15:48


Tomi65 Ziua 2,285, 16:12


Ovalni Chmar
Ovalni Chmar Ziua 2,285, 16:17


Naz Ghul
Naz Ghul Ziua 2,285, 16:19


please keep us informed on how this project is going. I was about to donate these days but i can wait just a little longer. Nevertheless, a great idea from a virtual community can restore just a little bit our faith in humanity.

great job!

v & shout

Disekslican Ziua 2,285, 16:24

I'd be happy to donate.

S1M0N0VSK1 Ziua 2,285, 16:29

Imagine the poor soul who gets my blood

ardishabutaro Ziua 2,285, 17:30

Good idea.



bozimano dorks
bozimano dorks Ziua 2,285, 17:34

nejach xd, puno pozdrava krešo o7

Alex.L Ziua 2,285, 18:36

Great idea, it's only that I have fear of needles (or at least I'm highly uncomfortable near them)

NOTLD Ziua 2,285, 18:42

we can never make a good junkie out of you...worhless!

Mystela Ziua 2,287, 07:08

If they don't already use them, I bet if you tell the technician of your fear, then, he or she will use a "butterfly" needle. They are so tiny & fine, you won't feel it at all.

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