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Irish Freedom Party

Id-partypresident Elite C     IE Irlanda     Classificação nacional: 4    

Vice Presidente

F81b0d8e0d2862b1e5689dc03bc2e253 John Gormley

Secretário Geral

18903e4430783a191b0cfab439daaef8 5n4keyes


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The Irish Freedom Party is the oldest remaining party in eIreland and has a long history of active members. We are rebuilding, so join up and be part of the movement which is going to change eIreland for the better once again. The IFP welcomes everyone. We are open to all.

Membros 15

Orientação Centro-direita, Liberal

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Elite C

Presidente do partido

Próxima eleição em 18 dias 2 candidatos  


2 congressistas

  5.71%  do Congresso


Próximas eleições em 28 dias

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Próximas eleições em 8 dias

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