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[WCUT] What's Congress up to? **A NEW SERIES** Day 2692

0 Dia 2,692, 11:48 Publicado em USA USA Primeiros passos no eRepublik Primeiros passos no eRepublik

This is a new Series I am working on which is being created for people who are not entirely forum active, but still interested in policy!

Lowering the Work Tax to 8%

A Bill sponsored … ler mais »

[USWP⚡MEDIA] Congressional Elections

5 Dia 2,681, 22:15 Publicado em USA USA Análise e debates políticos Análise e debates políticos

It is once again that time of month, congressional elections!

I want to take this early oppurtunity to wish you all a wonderful election cycle, and once again I ask that … ler mais »


4 Dia 2,680, 11:07 Publicado em USA USA Entretenimento e interacções sociais Entretenimento e interacções sociais

Howdy folks!

I have an amazing opportunity for you, would you like to start writing articles in eRepublik but have no idea where to start? Try making a recruitment article!

It is actually a … ler mais »

The Preservation of American Democracy

5 Dia 2,668, 08:40 Publicado em USA USA Análises de guerra Análises de guerra


As many of you know, our duly elected congress has voted recently passing into … ler mais »

Predictions? Nah, my take on current media

18 Dia 2,656, 20:58 Publicado em USA USA Análise e debates políticos Análise e debates políticos

Malpazars Muses

Over the past 2-3 days there has been an incredibly large media blitz going on mostly by the members of the Socialist Freedom Party. For the most part I did read their … ler mais »