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The New Era has started.

Dia 1,853, 08:37 por Goku Jones

My term as New Era Party President has just ended, so I would like to go through what we have achieved in the last month so that it can be built upon!

Our biggest achievement has to be helping President BigAnt win the December Presidential Election. This has broken the stranglehold a certain other party has had for years on the UK, well done!

We also continued to punch above our weight in Congress Elections and got 8 seats when the percent of the UK which we make up should only really hit 7 seats. This meant that we could get a bunch of new guys into Congress against the same old people we see from other parties.

Finally congratulations to King Hannibal of ASIA on winning the December Party President election for another term :)

We started making some official policy this month, some of it from my and Hannibal's PP Manifestos and some from policy votes in the party newspaper.

My BIG POLICY was electing Congressmen based on their proven activity from my Manifesto, I told everyone that I would rank Congress Candidates based on their activity and then publically showed you exactly how I did it.

We also discussed war and expansion as long term aims for the UK with that being accepted via a newspaper comments vote and again in Hannibal's Manifesto.

The big thing next month is that we may look at tweaking the party to attract some players from the parties which have dropped out of the Top 5 this month. We had a vote on minor changes which would be like turning the party logo red which everyone agreed to. So expect some information on that soon.

Finally from his Manifesto, Hannibal wants us to get the UK IRC channels reformed, particularly #eUK on Rizon which is a national channel but has some serious moderation issues. I totally agree and look forward to helping him do this!

We started the Legends programme this month which is all about helping New Era members, particularly the newer and unknown ones get more electable.

I started with some advice based on how I got "eFamous" with some practical tips on what do to.

I also made a trend of New Era members linking each other's articles when they can. I'm delighted when I see others doing this!

I worked the hardest on a massive set of party graphics which will liven up any article. New Era members only have interesting looking articles now!

Lastly we are encouraging members to get involved with Government too and not just relaxing with Congress every month.

PM me to add an article.


Angel With Attitude:

Huey George:

Dr. Hugh Jardon:

We gained 27 Members in a month where half of all parties lost members, one fell out of the Top 5 and another did some insane recruiting and took top spot. Staying steady was an achievement and we managed to grow!

We had a tough start and Don Dapper gave me a good talking to but since we focused on recruitment we have gone from strength to strength. The first thing I did was make a recruitment spread sheet to coordinate things (PM me for a link) which has had some success.

We also worked on some stock recruitment messages so that everyone can help out, with more on the recruitment spread sheet.

The big project now is convincing parties below the Top 5 that we are a good fit for each other and can marge to the benefit of everyone. This is a long and delicate process but if it works we will shoot up to Rank #2 :)

If you are reading this and you are not in New Era, why should you join?

New Era is developing its members, not its leadership.

New Era is representing players who play the game, from the game.

New Era is experimenting with new methods and concepts, without fear.

We won't exploit you for votes, we will share with you what we have and you will share with us your new ideas. We don't just say this, we do it. 100% of our Congress are new/unknown players and we have tons of giveaways:

PM me to get this.

Watch out for these in weekly articles, comment to get supplied.

PM me if you take or want one of my jobs for a raise.

We have more from our members in articles and the party shout bar most days!

Thanks for a great month guys!
Get in touch at #NewEra and #BulldogsHQ on Rizon IRC, Comment or send me a PM.

- Sage Goku, former Party President of New Era


Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,853, 08:48

40 members to Rank 2!

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dia 1,853, 08:52

We had a tough start and Don Dapper gave me a good talking to


HannyaTR Dia 1,853, 08:55

you can send my supplies.

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Dia 1,853, 09:00

Goku , I must say I have been very impressed with you thoughout you're term as New Era PP , you have laid down good foundations and this month I will carry on the work , I hope one day we become the eUK number 1 party is is a goal we all must aim for now .

Well done mate you done us proud !

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,853, 09:08

Thanks! I just wish that I could have done better on recruitment, but we have the right guy in charge now for that!

Alfagrem Dia 1,853, 09:13

S'funneh that 3 of the top 6 parties offer more then a minimum wage to workers and end up paying x400 to 600 more in income tax then commune workers elsewhere (if they are even based in eUK) and yet those with the lowest contribution set the tax rate!?

larrasian Dia 1,853, 09:15

v22 s377

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Dia 1,853, 09:30

Brilliant work this month Goku, I dont think anyone can fault you for that

wigibob Dia 1,853, 11:10

I think we all owe Goku a lot, he has been brilliant this month
Thanks Goku, you are a truly great player

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,853, 11:26

Thanks again! I'll upload this stuff to the wiki too when I get a bit of time, policies and images in paticular.

Spygon Dia 1,853, 11:59

How you got efamous Goku? you did that by stealing,lying and cheating people

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,853, 13:09


Alphabethis Dia 1,853, 13:23

Yes, Goku has revealed as an excellent player and organizer and designer. He can't only blamed on his past and the frenzy with he lives all his initiatives. So he can't be accused of anything serious but energy and desire for improving himself and his community.

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Dia 1,853, 14:22

Good month New Era nice to see us progress !

Great Party !

Spygon Dia 1,853, 14:22

Its true Goku if it wasn't for those 3 things i would not have a clue who you are.

Time will tell Alpha i hope your right but i have heard Goku say he has changed too many times to trust him

lancer450 Dia 1,853, 15:04

Good luck this month New Era! : )

Alphabethis Dia 1,853, 15:33

spygon, we won't let him be CP .... for a big while, (or even MoF). At least, I'll try it.

BacanoDaPasta Dia 1,853, 16:51

v106 already sub

Louro Silva
Louro Silva Dia 1,853, 17:11


Radowhisky Dia 1,853, 17:50

v114 s382

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Dia 1,854, 00:43

Come on Spygon, lets play nice. Its Christmas and with the planned peace summit we could be looking at a more unified and stronger eUK \o/

Merry Christmas by the way : )

Onslaughtx Dia 1,854, 02:37

v129 and already subbed.

LightFury Dia 1,854, 03:01


HAMlDREZA Dia 1,854, 04:49

V 138

Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Dia 1,854, 04:49

It's been a great couple of months with New Era. Euk has been changed beyond recognition.

Spygon Dia 1,854, 05:06

I would love to see a more unified Hugh but just because it is Christmas we should not abdicate the lessons from the past and let our guard down.

Merry Christmas Hugh and to all at new era

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,854, 05:49

It's Spygon!

Mullah Lite
Mullah Lite Dia 1,854, 06:07

"Our biggest achievement has to be helping President BigAnt win the December Presidential Election"


Spygon Dia 1,854, 06:11

Congratulations Goku you can now identify people from the euk

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,854, 07:16

I'm just replying "It's XXXXX" to people who only post negative things " since there is no point having a discussion with them - a change of mind seems impossible for you.

Spygon Dia 1,854, 07:25

A change of mind isnt impossible Goku its just going to take alot of time as i have first handily seen and suffered because of your betrayals.So its going to take a while for me to trust you again

law7441 Dia 1,854, 07:44

new era no different to other party, keep saying doesn't make true.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,854, 09:16

If you are a new player wanting supply or congress, then yes we are.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dia 1,854, 16:40

NE is the same as the party Alfagrem is buying members for on that front, though neither of you are actually run by new players. The top 7 parties have one PP born in either 2011 or 2012 between them, and that one is The Equalist of the Unity Party.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Dia 1,855, 00:18

And what a wonderful job they are doing!

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