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[FedCongress] VOTE FED on the 25th!!!

Dia 1,891, 15:43 Publicado em USA EUA por Duncan Crowe

Part I -- Introduction + Congressional Candidates

Fellow eAmericans o/ and sexy Feds,

Congress elections are fast approaching. In just under three days, The Feds, AMPers, WTPers, and USWPer will all face off against the PTOing AFA in a battle for Congressional dominance.

Despite lacking significant influence, Congress still controls a small portion of governmental affairs, and it's very important that you elect the right people to represent YOU in dealing with these affairs.

Congressional Candidates should be moral, honest, and fair representation of their party's ideas.

Who are the best Congressional Candidates?

Well, of course,....

The Federalist Party Congressional Candidates

Jefferson Locke
Molly Emma
Duncan Crowe
Kody5 (First Term)
OneTakeTony (First Term)
Athyna (6th Party Representative, Friendship and Honor Party, First Term)
Loren Sh (6th Party Representative, Albanian Unity Party)
SColbert (6th Party Representative, Vox Populi Party)
Darian Dracona (First Term)
Dennis McVicker

N.B. - Sorry if you applied to be a Fed. Congressional candidate and did not get placed on this list. We recieved Congressional applications from tons of amazing people, and I really wish I could run more than this #. However, I will be sure to run you next month if you weren't selected for this month! <3

Part II - Why Vote for the Feds

While the Feds do have the best Congressional candidates, I’m not just saying they are because I believe them to be.

It's because I know our candidates are the best.

All the Fed. candidate names listed above are people that can really work hard and make sure that they add their very intelligent voices to the discussions of the Congress.

To put it bluntly, Fed. candidates can simply get shit done.

This is, in my opinion, what distinguishes a Fed Congressman. We do not just take our medal and sign-in every week. We do more than that.

Fed. Congressman are always accountable for what they have done, and always work hard to get something more done.

Fed. Congressman do not give excuses, and are always active.

Fed. Congressman both start and participate in Congressional discussion.

Most importantly, Fed. Congressman can be trusted, relied on, and will never do anything to hurt the eUSA in any form.

To Summarize, the Federalist Party Congressman are awesome, and you should vote for them.

Part IV -- 6th Party Congressman

If you look at the list, I’d just like to point out that the Feds are running three 6th party candidates.

#6 - Athyna (6th Party Representative, Friendship and Honor Party, First Term)

Athyna is a member of the Friendship and Honor party, a party that is trying to improve their relations with eAmerica. Running a candidate from this party is an important step in helping them assimilate from being a historic PTO party into a friendly ATO party, and I’m proud that the Feds are offering them a chance.

#7 - Loren Sh (6th Party Representative, Albanian Unity Party)

Loren Sh is a member of the Albanian Unity Party. It’s important to represent the Albanian community in eAmerica, and it’s awesome that the Feds are offering this 6th party a chance at Congressional membership.

#8 - SColbert (6th Party Representative, Vox Populi Party)

SColbert is the third consecutive candidate from Vox Populi that the Feds have run. Vox is a very important 6th party, and representing them in Congress is key to the voice of the 6th parties. By running this candidate, the Fed party is offering a voice to a key 6th party, and it’s awesome.

Overall, by running these three candidates, the Feds. continue to make it apparent that they are the most friendly T4 party, and one deeply in touch with the 6th parties.


Remember, a Federalist filled Congress is the best possible Congress!

Vote for the Feds on the 25th!

Please join #voting on election day to thwart the PTO attempts by the AFA and their aligned parties.

As always, stay p/h.

Thanks for reading!

Please vote, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed reading this article!

Until next time:

Fed. Party Page -
Fed. IRC -


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,891, 15:45

Vote for the Feds giving three non-T5 parties a chance at a Congressional placing!

Moreover, vote for the p/h Fed Congressional Congressional Candidates!


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dia 1,891, 15:49

2nd reserved for the feds and for the great job done by Dunks!

Excellent list sir, it shows why we are always P/H!

ligtreb Dia 1,891, 15:59

Good luck to all!

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,891, 16:12


SColbert Dia 1,891, 16:18

Thanks Feds for doing an awesome job representing 6th parties!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,891, 16:24

Feds were PTOing me back when my party was 100% RL American

YOU are the PTOers.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dia 1,891, 16:30


Never, at any point, did the Feds act as a PTO force. We (The Feds) uphold ourselves to the highest moral standards, and only seek to defend the nation from PTOers such as yourself.

Unfortunately, YOU are still the PTOer.

Bucephalus92 Dia 1,891, 17:05


Greene12 Dia 1,891, 18:15

You've got it straight from RGR, feds knew he was a donkey before anyone else. Proud/Horny.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,891, 20:04

Not really, you instigated this.

Leo.TheDamager Dia 1,891, 22:24

RGR is Korean

Winter Night
Winter Night Dia 1,892, 23:41

Vote AFA, the true pro-democracy, low taxes, full resources choice!

\\\\\ A F A /////

KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli
KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli Dia 1,892, 01:32


Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Dia 1,892, 03:27

@RGR - I thought you would be too busy taking away 2nd amendment rights to play the game right now. When are you going to come out the closet and admit you are actually a progressive liberal hippy?

Wild and unfounded allegations hurt don't they?

nuno258 Dia 1,892, 05:33

vote AFA
Vote for America

costin1989 Dia 1,892, 07:32

FsH is voting Feds and USWP. Romanians vote for good relations with USA !!! o7

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dia 1,892, 08:20

Voted for SColbert !

Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist
Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist Dia 1,892, 08:21

Voted and supported!

sambadii Dia 1,892, 09:55


Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Dia 1,892, 10:25

Only vote AFA if you want to be sure your next Congrespersons will each let 15 persons from Serbia/Hungary/any country which hates us become voting
American citizens.

Gravitas1555 Dia 1,892, 15:26

Give up. You're terribad, and will continue to be.

athyna Dia 1,893, 00:58

Thanks Feds!
Romanians vote for good relations with USA

nuno258 Dia 1,893, 05:00

keep calm

fingerguns Dia 1,893, 07:15

Voted Fed.

Feels good.

Clydeo Dia 1,893, 13:14

Voted 666 like a boss.

Winter Night
Winter Night Dia 1,893, 15:32

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