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[DLS4POTUS] Final words and thoughts! Answers to Glove!

Dia 1,988, 12:02 por Luis Nordmann

Hello my fellow eAmericans

Today is the day I wrap up my campaign and give you my final thoughts and considerations. I will also leave in here a few questions and responses, mostly to Glove’s article. This is my last campaign article and the only one who will not have much words regarding platform or cabinet. I do though want to play a game with all of you: You guys can ask me a question and I’ll do my best to place it here in my article as well!

Final words and considerations!

So now that my campaign is wrapping up, all I have to say is a huge THANK YOU to all eAmericans. With your contribute, regardless the result of this election, I will be able not only to think on your opinion and improve points on my platform I might have missed if I do get to the big chair but also think about what needs to be improved in case I don’t and decide to go for a future race. I would also to thank the ones who used the suggestions button and gave their two cents regarding my platform.

There are no perfect people, perfect presidents, perfect players or perfect leaders... and we all should be treated with decency, respect and we all should listen to each other because, regardless what you think, there is always something valuable to take even from negative points. Some of you will say one presidency or another was a failure, but hey! If you think it was bad, you should always point out the reasons behind it and also (this part is always more of a hard-worked part) take the positive sides of it.

I would also like to thank my cabinet members for accepting to be with me in this race and for their competence and friendship. If I don’t win this race, I do hope to continue to work with you later and I do hope that you’ll be on board with me in another race if we come down to that.

Lastly I would like to thank all my close friends for their support in my race and for their kindness in this process.

Now I will answer Glove’s questions!

Question 1: Why should I vote for you?

You should vote for me because I am right for the nation. There is a lot occurring in the eWorld and a new War is about to start. I have a lot of experience both within foreign affairs, military and Domestic Affairs, I know how the government works in a deeply manner and I will listen to the people. If anyone is ought to suggest something that will improve this country I will listen, evaluate and apply it if there are conditions for it. I intend to be a leader for the people, with the people and by the people.

Question 2: What are your thought on Romania, is it okay to go to war with them directly, even after all we've been through?

Right now we cannot go to direct war with Romania because the game mechanics do not allow it without using our Air Strike, option which I do not think is wise right now. Although if we do come down to that, I think warring Romania is acceptable. The fact Romania got accepted into TWO and signed MPPs with our most deadly enemy (Serbia) overrides all previous feelings we felt for them and we should consider them as an enemy part of an enemy alliance. I do see the Serbian actions as an aggressive stance towards eUS and a possible unofficial declaration of war.

Question 3: Do you think we should rekindle with Canada, if not, why?

Right now I’m neutral to this idea. I do not intend to free Canada but I also do not intend to harm Canada by helping Spain to keep them under their domain. We had a lot of feelings for Canada, they wend from a good ally to a terrible one and right now, neutral. I believe it is wiser to keep it this way for now.

Question 4: Do you accept Dio as your one and only God Emperor?

Yes, I do and I have already.

Question 5: If you could bang any eRep chick, who would it be?

My eWife of course! Who else would it be?

Question 6: Who posed a greater evil in their prime, the USWP or S.E.E.S?

Well, in all honesty, I don’t know much about S.E.E.S as I wasn’t even eBorn at the time (Hue), but I’ve never seen USWP as evil. The only evil party in this country right now is the AFA.

Question 7: What will you do for D2 fighters such as myself?

I will continue to support D1/D2 fighters through supporting boosting programs used by the DoI already. Something that slipped through my mind would be doing some sort of military census for all divisions so we know more or less our fire power and have a number of active soldiers, but this is an idea I would like to mature and give it some thought before presenting to the public.

Question 8: Will you promise me a direct war, I grow rather tired of training wars and neutrality?

I cannot promise you a direct war, specially due to the current state of foreign affairs, but I do expect war to knock our door soon and if it does, you can be sure I’ll answer in kind. And believe me, when I say “in kind” it’s with all weaponry possible to kick it.

Question 9: Will you let Pfeiffer in your cabinet, if not, why?

Well, Pfeiffer doesn’t officially hold a position in my cabinet since he decided to retire politics for a while and just do his own thing, although he is currently the CIA Director and he will keep that office until me (if got elected) or another President finds reasons to fire him or until he steps down for someone else to do that job.

Question 10: What are your thought on Ronald Gipper Reagan?

Terrible person, known PTOer and I will fight/troll him until my last eBreath.

Question 11: How would you envision a world with an active Max Mcfarland II, a Josh Frost, and a Glove?

I never knew much about MMII or Josh Frost, I only got to know Josh Frost recently and I find him an alright person, as for you Glove, being honest I met you when I was an eBaby and you were the first person that got me into government, besides your inactivity (well, not fully inactive but you know what I mean) and your thing almost allying us to Serbia (which honestly I found your impeachment deserved), I think you were an alright President.

Question 12: Who was your most favorite eUSA president, why?

I don’t think I have a favorite right now, there are although a couple Presidents I did enjoy being those Cerb and Israel Stevens. Cerb because of his subtle, professional and friendly way of dealing with things, as for Israel Stevens, mostly for the opportunity he gave me to prove myself in Foreign affairs.

Question 13: What have you done within the last 30 days of value?

During the last 30 days I’ve been helping out with Defense, serving as deputy SoD and I’ve been helping out there. I also got AMP back from the ashes of our former Party President Haliman and I currently host eNPR (even though I did not host the debate because i’m a candidate and it’d be a conflict of interests). Also, I’m a real life doctor, so I do something valuable every day. :) I would like to underline this is not meant to offend anyone doing a different profession. :)

Question: 14: What do you consider your most monumental achievement here?

I would consider the creation of the American University back when I was SoE and the creation of CTRL during my first term as SoS, those were my big things. I also worked very hard for AMP and I’m proud to see the party flourishing again.

Question 15: Who would you reach out to in foreign affairs? Where do you see CoT going and do you think we really have a place in it? If so, provide examples of CoT and USA prideful moments/benefits.

We, not only as a nation but as an alliance, need to reach out to EDEN to try and get some key players from them on our side for the upcoming wars against TWO. Frankly, if we don’t, we will be outnumbered in terms of damage regarding TWO and we will lose. I do hope to reach out countries such as China, Turkey, Greece, Albania and Brozil to try to get them to our side.

As for CoT, we certainly have a place in there, as is evident by our growing relationship with them. An example of them coming through for us would be their continued to support in our ATO efforts. They’ve sent reliable ATOers to the eUS for many terms now. They don’t interfere with the country, nor do they cause harm. I witnessed this during the time I was IES Director and so far they have been great helping us. One prideful moment was when I tanked for the releasing of Albania and turned their wall against Serbia in D3 I believe last month, it felt me really good to know I was actually helping the people who have been working with eUSA for a long time and want us to succeed.

Question 16: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My biggest strength would be my experience and capability to listen and learn, I do my best efforts to pay attention to what people say in order to improve and believe me or not, I've found some quite vital opinions in the past that helped me a lot. Also, I have a lot of energy and I don't rest until the work is done right.

My biggest weakness would probably be my interpersonal relations at a point, I am reasonable and pretty much easy going but I have problems dealing with lazy people, it is something I've looking to improve.

Question 17: Will you join my harem?

Will you give me a good salary, a mansion, nice cars, boes, health care, life insurance and all that if I join the harem?

Question 18: What are your thoughts on the JCS?

I’ve had a bad taste regarding the JCS, possibly because of what I used to hear in the government, right now I’m pretty indiferent to them because I managed to meet some great people in there such as blondeninja, Jack Mensley and John Killah (who left NG some time after I joined the game). The JCS does their own thing and we do our own, I think it is better for everyone to follow this premise.

Question 19: If you could change one thing in eRep history, what would it be?

I don’t know much of erepublik history besides the things I’ve witnessed and the things I’ve been told that happened before, so it is hard for me to pick an event and change it, although, basing this on older people reports, I’d go along with never doing any changes in the economic module or removing the orgs.

Question 20: How many times have you watched Fight Club?

Never watched it to be entirely honest.

Question 21: What did you think of this video?

It is funny.

Question 22: Am got meme?

Err not sure exactly what you’re asking? :C

Question 23: Do you think we should continue "Unity" Elections, if so, for how long and why?

I dislike Unity elections, they remove a lot of the fun in game and a lot of fun campaigning and I think they are a hinderance in the democratic process, although this is the only process that keeps us from having an RGR Presidency or some other AFA candidate as PotUS. Right now, I do not think it is wise to quit the unity process but I’d say maybe in a few months we reach the safe window and we may be able to remove this process.

Question 24: Where did TERRA go wrong? How can we avoid this in COT?

I think the problem with TERRA was really the fact that larger nations would do whatever they wanted and smaller ones just followed, this crippled the sense of unity between the member countries and eventually, as happened, lead to the collapse of the alliance. CoT for instance avoids this with it’s own charter sustaining on values of equality between the member countries. I do think CoT has everything to be a successful alliance.

Question 25: Will you give us a purpose? What do you envision for the eUSA?

All CPs want to give a purpose to the nation and believe me or not, in certain occasions on more “silent” months, it is hard to prod the nation into a purpose. I do want to take eUSA into greater than greatness, getting us rid of PTOers, reviewing the possibility of full bonuses, enhancing our military and domestic efforts as well as our foreign affairs. I do want this country to succeed and I do want to give the best contribute possible for it.

Whether It will be possible for me to do this or not depends entirely on you, fellow eAmerican, but if you do trust me with your vote, you can be sure you won’t be disappointed! ;)

The PotUS Campaign Series!

1) – An Announcement and a Leadership

2) – Fighting Internal and External Threats.

3) – Domestic Affairs

4) – Finald words and thoughts! Answers to Glove!

If you need to know anything regarding DLS4POTUS campaign, please click one of the following buttons! We will make America even more sexy!

Yours in Service,

Dr Luis Sentieiro



Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,988, 12:03

First denied for DLS4POTUS! Final words and considerations!

GhostStrayDog Dia 1,990, 09:00

Comentário apagado

Arrden Dia 1,988, 12:07


The Valeyard
The Valeyard Dia 1,988, 12:16


Fc Harput
Fc Harput Dia 1,988, 12:32


Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Dia 1,988, 13:04

Nice setup, Glove.

DanielEsp Dia 1,988, 13:24

Voted, he's an amazing commander and he would be an excellent job as president if elected.


Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Dia 1,988, 13:30

Glove, you broke the first rule of Fight Club!!!!!

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Dia 1,988, 13:37


LiL Serxhio
LiL Serxhio Dia 1,988, 13:51

DLS4POTUS - America needs some Sexytime

Dr. Walter Bishop
Dr. Walter Bishop Dia 1,988, 14:06


Funky 24
Funky 24 Dia 1,988, 14:30

Where did TERRA go wrong?

Israel Stevens.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dia 1,988, 17:02

emdoublegee Dia 1,988, 14:42


TheManiacBG Dia 1,988, 14:46

turkey will not enter CoT!!

mikeypenny1 Dia 1,988, 14:54

It took you TWO months to get back from the ashes and even then it was NOT halimans fault. The party was already ruined by previous PP's

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,988, 16:14

Previous PPs, *cough* *cough* Potato? But yes, it took me two months to finish up some very important things.

1990kaka90kk Dia 1,988, 15:18


Jude Conners
Jude Conners Dia 1,988, 15:24

Best of luck. bro

Ramirez.Andres Dia 1,988, 15:34


LT 21
LT 21 Dia 1,988, 16:02

one thing I do not agree with is that CoT is on the right track, Indonesia has a territory of New Zealand, they are both members

Arrden Dia 1,988, 16:06

That's incorrect. Chile has a region of New Zealand. Not Indonesia. And the only reason for that is to connect the resources gained in Australia to the Chilean homeland. The New Zealand government is in complete compliance with Chile occupying a region.

LT 21
LT 21 Dia 1,988, 16:08

ok, thank you for clearing this up, I was not aware of this. I although I don't really like the occupation of Australia, they are a small nation and do not even have a chance given the amount of active players that chile and Indonesia have compared to them

BeachBunny Dia 1,988, 16:29

You cant always just cater to the weak. Sometimes the weak must get strong or stay weak.

Thomas Killah
Thomas Killah Dia 1,988, 16:58


Sky Ben
Sky Ben Dia 1,988, 18:34

This is enough to get MY vote for you!!

Syz2 Dia 1,988, 19:58


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Dia 1,989, 11:05


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