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[AMP] DLS for Party President! Ace in the hole and fishy stuff!

Dia 1,877, 11:57 por Luis Nordmann

Hello fellow eAmericans,

Today we have “The Drunk Donkey” and a “Ace in the hole” section for AMP PP race! Stay tuned folks!

AMP Party Presidency Race

Ace in the Hole

So, in my latest campaign article, I made clear most of the measures and goals I want for AMP next month in case I get elected, but here’s a few other things I did not place.

AMP History Program

Well, this won’t be really a Department but yes a program for the whole leadership to work on, it’s not like it’s anything new, we already had the AMP Museum with the last Party President PDBs (initiative taken by Former PP Cerb) but I intend to extend this. The current AMP forum has a lot of information but we don’t actually have an organized history with all data from the beginning until now, I want some of my deputies to gather all information they can together with the old Party Presidents so we can make an article and a whole thread with all AMP History, with the good and bad moments, everything! The History and the ability to progress makes us who we are and I intend to make the great AMP moments everlasting! And of course, we trace and choose our own future so, I want you, fellow AMP Member, to write the history of AMP with me under the values of strength, leadership, honesty, progress and innovation!

AMP Forum

As some of you noticed, I opened a poll in a gdoc form which you can still vote here: Forum Poll and that already raised some questions, so to disclose this I want to make clear a few things:

- I won’t change our party forum unless it is the majority wish of the party to do so.
- I personally would prefer to change our forum to something we could use under a domain we could have our own, the reasons for this are quite simple:

- With a domain our own, we could program the forum with security tools to avoid external election results influences and thus enhance our own internal security.
- Prevent the forum from receiving possible attacks and add a tool to prevent people from using proxies.
- New forum organization and more clean with some new pretty designs. ;)

I’m also of the opinion that forum administrators and IRC channel owners should be people who are not politically active to avoid possible power abuses.

The downsides of this would be pretty much have tons of information to transfer and we’d probably lose some forum members in the way. That for not talking about the confusion it’d be for new players to know which forum to register.

Still all those things are stuff for us, as a party to consider and vote.

AMP Party President Candidate questions

As you all know, last month I opened a thread so all the AMP members could ask me a question, an initiative I decided to keep because it enhances my communication with the party. Since then I received all kinds of questions and I want to share them with you along with my answers. If you still want to ask me a question, just follow this link Ask your PP candidate a question. I only selected a few questions but you can check all the questions on the link I provided.

Dec 8 2012, 12:00 AM
How will you incorporate new party members, who want to get involved in the inner-workings of AMP, but have zero political experience? Do you have any specific plans for these starry-eyed recruits?
Another interesting question

Response: I intend to leave the AMP Leadership to more experienced members during my first term as Party President, some of the guys I want leading the Departments the party is familiar with them. On the other hand, the Deputy positions and the Intern Program will be working in full speed.

Deputies will be either new players who have been around and showed promising talent or old players with some experience who didn't get a place in the Round Table. As for Intern Program, I intend to leave that completely to new and unexperienced players.

The AMP Retention Department will be leading the Intern Program and the interns, after applying, either through my current AMP PP cabinet application ( ) or through the Intern Application form the Retention Department will create. Interns will receive input and mentorship from the Directors so that one day interns can be part of the Leadership as well. I intend to give opportunities to everyone as long as they don't present a security risk.

No PTOs, thank you.

Dec 8 2012, 05:44 PM
Batman or Iron man and why

Response: Batman because he's uncorruptable and looks to serve true justice without asking anything in return.

Dec 10 2012, 02:27 PM
Why are words in a mirror reversed left to right but not top to bottom?

Response:A mirror doesn't reverse left to right, all you'll see is an asymmetric object. Imagine the mirror is one of those impression taking toys that had a dense number of pins in which are pushed back on contact and retain the 3D shape. Now imagine pressing your body into it and step back. The illusion is, because we are roughly symmetrical, that there has been a left/right inversion. The reality is your right side is on the right side of the image.

Bruce Hatton
Dec 10 2012, 07:51 PM
Why so much sexy times?

Response: The "sexy times" was some sort of tittle I received on eNPR sessions mainly because of Fingerguns attempts of trying to make me giggle during the radio show and other sorts of similar stuff. They even had a quite funny music for my entrance. Eventually, after one month and a half of it, people got it in their ears and I ended up embracing it.

I can't complain tho, it's a funny tittle. :3

Jan 8 2013, 02:49 AM
1. You have a public polling for moving to a new forum, why are you considering this option? What are the pro's and cons to a move?

2. You have served many terms as an RT member, most predominately as CoS, what have you learned about the dynamics of the party and how will you effectively apply what you've learned?

3. People are inclined to operate w/r/t to what they know, i.e. a tech savvy person focuses on technical ways to do things. What areas are your strong suits and how will you balance those with the areas you are weak upon w/r/t running the party?

4. What specific items of the party need to be changed? Why do they need to be? How do you plan on changing them in the time you would have as PP?

5. Do penguins have knees?


1. Yes, I have a poll regarding that, I haven't actually decide upon moving to another forum but I did hear over the last month some quite displeased members who don't like this forum. Honestly I'd rather we have something more close to the eUS forum or something with a more bright design, but this is just my own opinion. The poll is being done and open to consult the AMP opinion regarding this subject and of course when the time comes, we will take it in consideration. Moving to a new forum would have the advantage that we could get rid of the old useless topics in one strike, find a better organization, get our code masters to find security tools to block security breachs such as multies and proxy use. The disadvantages would be likely loose some members along the transfer and also the possible economic costs of a new forum. I know this is a bold move and has a lot to consider but if we go down that road, I do expect us to have something new, clean and actually very good.

2. I served as Legal, Retention and CoS in regards of my own party wise experience, then I also had another couple National jobs such as Secretary of Education, Secretary of State and Chief of Staff, still regardless of all this, those jobs gave me the necessary tools to understand the functioning of our own party in the deepest level. I learned in most cases, what matters really is a good team work, I do trust myself and I do trust my team and I think we can all reach amazing things if we put our hearts into the task. If I get elected, I will put my heart to the task and make sure things actually get done and the party actually moves forward and not backwards. I'm familiar with our own constitution and our own laws, so I know the structure of our party and how we work, also, I'm familiar with the work the party has done over the last months since I actively participated in it. I want our party to also have a sense of continuity for the best we can.

3. That is actually a good question, you know, I might publish an article with all this. Anyway, we all have our own skills and our own flaws, no person is perfect and we all tend to work into where we feel better at. I'm good regarding the Legal side of the party, Retention, Communications and Administration but I'm weak regarding coding stuff. We have to understand that the leadership isn't just the Party President, it is the PP and his team, the best way to balance whatever weak areas the Party President has is to put up a good team. Still I do believe there are skills that the position itself demand, you cannot have a Party President who doesn't know anything about the structure of the Party or how to administrate people to do their job and make sure everyone finishes their task, those are basic requirements for a successfull leadership, oh and of course: a lot of Strength, Motivation, Innovation and Knowledge!

4. Well first thing I will strike will be Media as I mentioned many times, I will start by working on the creation of our Radio show and get some new faces into the Media module. I also want to have the party members to write articles, we have already the AMP Media Club that includes several newspapers including my own, I want to extend that club and include some new faces there as well. Of course all this media turned policies along with the charity programs I intend to run and evaluate will need funds and that is why I changed the Legal Department to do also accounting and start an AMP Public fund raise so we can have money of our own to operate. So far our programs have lived because of many donations from the current and last leaderships, I intend to change it and extend it to the whole party. Of course I won't make it an obligation for everyone to donate, it'll be something voluntary but I do expect people to donate, also the accounting book will be public so that everyone knows where the money is going and how it is being spent. I want transparency in my presidency as well. Communications, Media and Recruitment should work together so we can push people inside our party and make ourselves again the top #1 of the legit parties!

5. Hmm, well, looking at an image of a penguin, it doesn't seem to look like it has knees but if we look at the bone structure of the animal.. we can see it has knees. I had to ask a Vet this one since this is not my area of expertise, I don't know much of the other animals anatomy beyond the basic, only anatomy I know deeply is the Human Anatomy because I had to learn it for Medical School.

AMP Leadership Team (Final with deputies added)

Party President: Dr Luis Sentieiro
Party Vice-President: BeachBunny
Chief of Staff: George S Patton Jr
Deputy CoS: Jason Statham Jr

PAC Director: Soliden
Deputy PAC: Brickwall

Retention Director: Mr. Swagg
Deputy Retention: NAMWON

Legal and Accounting Director: Free_Area
Deputy Legal and Accounting: Anwnimos

Media Director: John_Killah
Deputy(ies) Media: lemon vodka
Deputy(ies) Media: saraht0ga

Communications Director: Rushaun
Deputy Communications: CrimsonNinja

Recruitment Director: BlackBaroness
Deputy Recruitment: Sorce-the-wolfkiller

Security and Technology Director: BlondeNinja
Deputy Security and Technology: Franck Graf von Hasliberg

I feel the AMPs! Do you feel the AMPs?!??

DLS for AMP Party President!
AMP, Innovating people!

I hope you all have enjoyed your time with a good "The Drunk Donkey" reading and I hope you, fellow AMP members, support me for the AMP Party President.




Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,877, 12:01

First Denied for DLS for AMP PP!!

John Killah
John Killah Dia 1,877, 12:05

Second Reserved because i'm excited for a DLS PP

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,877, 12:27

sub 999!!!

Anwnimos Dia 1,877, 12:31

Voted for the Donkey!

Tiacha Dia 1,877, 12:40

\o/ Dr. Sexy is awesome

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dia 1,877, 12:55

Love me some Dr Luis!

Again, I would strongly recommend Dr Luis for PP of the AMP, as I have worked with him for the past two months hand in hand on ATO efforts and know personally his love for AMP and for this nation. He will make your party stronger than it already is.

Get sexy with Dr Luis, AMPers!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,877, 13:20

Luis is a dear friend of mine and of America. He is really bringing about a new era in Guatemalan-American relations. ENDORSED again! o/

ElvenCRO Dia 1,877, 13:30


Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,877, 14:16

Lol quit lying and trolling Ajay. No one believes you! I'm not your friend! I don't take Ptoers for friends! I suggest you go see a psychiatrist, maybe he can help you with a few issues you might have such as being a compulsive liar.

RonaId Gipper Reagan
RonaId Gipper Reagan Dia 1,877, 14:36

I can't miss out on Dirty Luis!

RonaId Gipper Reagan
RonaId Gipper Reagan Dia 1,877, 14:38

Don't forget to change party name to Dirty Party if you get elected.

David North
David North Dia 1,877, 14:49

Go Luis! And wow, I didn't expect you and blondeninja to include me! Thanks for the trust though

Mr. Swagg
Mr. Swagg Dia 1,877, 16:04

I get to work with Nammy? SWEET!

saraht0ga Dia 1,877, 16:14

Vote for DLS and hear more of my awesome radio voice \o/

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dia 1,877, 16:55

DLS - A step forward, in the right direction.

anonymoushooligan Dia 1,877, 18:45

Haliman working with Ajay? That' s just absurd. I really thought that you were better than to sink so low as to make such spurious accusations. Oh well, there were already really good reasons that I was glad to leave AMP for the Feds, now I can add dirty politicking to the list.

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Dia 1,877, 18:58

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

DrLuisSexyTimes 4 PP !!!!1

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,877, 20:39

@anonymoushooligan, Not that absurd, trust me. Also for the record... SPQR considers Haliman a Security threat for a reason and that is way beyond my existence. There are also many government higher ups who also see Haliman as a security threat. So I don't think it's that absurd.

Malpazar Dia 1,877, 22:29

I think this is a good candidate for AMP PP.

Vlada 505 Dia 1,878, 00:59

Comentário apagado

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Dia 1,878, 01:20

anonymoushooligan + 1000

Dirty immigrant, you FAIL!!!

Vote for the portuguese - mexican bastard puppy of the biggest traitor ever (Palestine Stevens)!

Feel the AMPs, feel the dirty elitists!!!

Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Dia 1,878, 01:30


neis Dia 1,878, 04:34

Erica ..Am Am ...

Sorce the Wolfkiller
Sorce the Wolfkiller Dia 1,878, 11:06


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dia 1,878, 11:12


XENOFON knight of Bel Sten
XENOFON knight of Bel Sten Dia 1,878, 12:13

NUMBER 1 in Serbia and top5 INTERNATIONAL!!
I am giving me pain bro!!!

Davidlator Dia 1,878, 13:30

¿Plato is on twitter?
-_-_-CHAIN SHOUT-_-_-

RonaId Gipper Reagan
RonaId Gipper Reagan Dia 1,878, 15:48


Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,878, 16:14


RonaId Gipper Reagan
RonaId Gipper Reagan Dia 1,879, 04:53

God damn it I love dirty foreigners.

Mister Y
Mister Y Dia 1,879, 05:30

Still no one?

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dia 1,879, 07:50

@Mister Y

There was actually one from BlackBaroness up ahead (:

Also: ✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯


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