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Method to Madness

Lest We Forget

8 6 hari lepas Diterbitkan di Pakistan Pakistan Debat dan analisa politik Debat dan analisa politik

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[DRP] Dioist Revolutionary Party

30 hari ke 2,868, 17:43 Diterbitkan di Australia Australia Debat dan analisa politik Debat dan analisa politik

It's time to join the Dioist Revolutionary Party and help shine the glory of His Undying Light upon eAustralia.
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The Gathering

24 hari ke 2,817, 18:45 Diterbitkan di USA USA Debat dan analisa politik Debat dan analisa politik

It doesn't happen often. Once in a lifetime? Once in several lifetimes? That moment. That single, simple moment when it clicks. When everything makes sense. … baca lebih lanjut »

Emerickans invade....

21 hari ke 2,796, 18:10 Diterbitkan di USA USA Analisa perperangan Analisa perperangan

Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words. The mighty power emanating from His Godly Loins can only be witnessed, or felt. It … baca lebih lanjut »

Even Though HE is Silent.....

22 hari ke 2,790, 18:46 Diterbitkan di USA USA Interaksi sosial dan hiburan Interaksi sosial dan hiburan

It's been a while since I logged in and looked around. I only have one comment after doing so. We need DIO more than we ever did.

If anyone is alive, they need to show their

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