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Why so serious?!


66 Giorno 2,483, 11:14 Romania Svago Svago

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Tank You

102 Giorno 2,453, 04:30 Romania Svago Svago

In a time when the Media Module seemed dead, he surprised everybody and got his first Media Mogul medal.
Then, when everybody thought he’ll stop writing and become a 2 clicker, he surprised everybody
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33 Giorno 2,452, 12:06 Romania Svago Svago

Ever wondered what happens whenever you spend big time in Erepublik?

Here is Plato's reaction:

Sorry about that cropped

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Goodbye Headless Chicken

38 Giorno 2,452, 09:42 Romania Svago Svago

Unless you're a new player, and especially if you're an old player, you've all seen this "wonderful" creature plenty of times:

The Headless Chicken, a true nerve-racking and

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How To Raise An Empire - Turbo Method

22 Giorno 2,450, 02:46 Romania Svago Svago

10 minutes later
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