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Why so serious?!

Can't Take It Anymore

22 2 giorni fa Romania Svago Svago

[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/j49R5N6.[/img] … leggi di più »

Top 10 things to avoid in Erepublik

66 Giorno 2,438, 00:02 Romania Svago Svago

Are you a new player trying to make a name for yourself?
Or maybe you are an old player bored to death and without any goal in e_life?

Worry not! Here is a list containing 10 things to … leggi di più »

Old but Gold

54 Giorno 2,437, 00:29 Romania Svago Svago

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27 Giorno 2,433, 06:32 Romania Svago Svago

We all know Plato, our beloved eFather, but how well do we really know him?

Here are some pictures from his Bookface page:

[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/[/img] … leggi di più »

Airstrike Effects

58 Giorno 2,432, 10:29 Romania Svago Svago

This is the current situation of Romania after the Airstrike:

What Romania thought would happen...

What really happened...

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