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"...you know how, when a baby is first born, it just cries at the sheer horror of being alive?"
-Julie (Scott Pilgrim Volume 3)

[GBM] Homage to Catalonia

32 4 giorni fa Pubblicato in USA USA Analisi di guerra Analisi di guerra

Broadcasting live from the flame and rubble of the Iberian Peninsula
Here's some aged Mood Musik just for the occasion[/leggi di più »

[DHS] Falling Off the (Welcome) Wagon, Again

11 4 giorni fa Pubblicato in USA USA Primi passi in eRepublik Primi passi in eRepublik

This article is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Department of Homeland Security

As always, Mood Musik, caught leggi di più »

[GBM] #Rainy4CP: What's Done Cannot be Undone

15 Giorno 2,570, 11:54 Pubblicato in USA USA Svago Svago

Some analysis, a tablespoon of opinion, and voila: a soup!

As always, Mood Musik, hope you enjoy it this time.

- … leggi di più »

[GBM] Why I am voting Rainy Sunday

21 Giorno 2,568, 20:43 Pubblicato in USA USA Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

Proteus Bump Within~

And, as always, Mood Musik.

Dear readers, it's rare I write to you from … leggi di più »

[GBM] Plato Waiting for People to Add Him as Friend

7 Giorno 2,560, 22:21 Pubblicato in USA USA Svago Svago

This article is a satire, like my early funny ones.

And, as always, Mood leggi di più »