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[MoD] VIVA LA REVOLUCION! Libres o muertos, jamas esclavos! [edit]

25 6 giorni fa Cuba Svago Svago


Dear Cubans ,

today is the day when we fight to liberate Las Villas from … leggi di più »

[EN/ES] Soldados de la Libertad are recruiting! JOIN NOW!

12 Giorno 2,431, 15:46 Cuba Svago Svago


Hello Cubans,

I am happy to annouce regrutation of Soldados de la Libertad. I invite every citizen of eCuba to join our Military Unit … leggi di più »

[MoD Cuba] FREE TANKS for all Cubans @ #cubans

24 Giorno 2,431, 04:20 Cuba Svago Svago


Hello eCubans,

I am glad to inform you that we have got NEW IRC CHANNEL for Cuban fighters #Cubans . Please all go there and … leggi di più »

[eCuba MOD] Month July - Introduction and Plan

51 Giorno 2,427, 10:07 Cuba Svago Svago


Dear citizens of eCuba,
I wanted to write this article earlier but I was on vacation and there was bad internet so I couldn't. First of all,I want to thank you all for voting Tall Nik … leggi di più »

elTripleD please do me a favor

24 Giorno 2,407, 12:18 Cuba Svago Svago

Public message to elTripleD :

If you are making multies, please do me a favor, use my referal link



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