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[dA]Declaration of Friendship

43 Giorno 2,466, 09:44 Polonia Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

Politicians may choose our allies but i will choose my friends. Whatever may come,

...I will not fight against Indonesia
, I will not forget how an unknown nation became our brothers.

...I will not fight against Serbia, good to

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[dA]BH gold

3 Giorno 2,460, 02:01 Polonia Svago Svago

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[dA]FOSmeter 0

11 Giorno 2,428, 01:08 Polonia Svago Svago

Fun or Stupid meter is my subjective number based on nothing else but my feelings as an erepublik citizen. It was fun, now it is a bit stupid, waiting for a revolution in economy, politics, division system, war module, almost every part of the game

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[dA]Ez még kikívánkozik

4 Giorno 2,292, 01:35 Polonia Svago Svago

Elég sokan vetik meg a románokat, mert mindkét világháborúban elárulták szövetségüket, átálltak a győztes oldalra, amint kiderült, hogy ott zöldebb a fű. Sajnos mi, magyarok sem vagyunk különbek. Az imént eldobtuk önmagunk, barátaink, becsületünk a

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[dA EN\HU]New welcome message

3 Giorno 2,282, 02:35 Polonia Svago Svago

..or stay, in this game you may be soldier, politician or manager! If you want to be a soldier, you must train hard every day, spend € 300, and after two years of training you will be strong amongst the weak, and may fight for 1 victory point

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