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United States Workers Party

Id-partypresident Henry Pfeiffer Arundel     US Amerika Serikat     Peringkat Nasional: 2    

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54443025afac78b1c82cde75478145fb F. Underwood


366829dd239d68173959ebe1b788644a Derphoof


B910ec364f917b2239eef3dd7e19715f SteffanoS


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The USWP is America's oldest and most successful party. Electing some of the most respected and renowned Presidents and Congressmen in eUS history, the USWP is the backbone of our nation. Join us, and then join the conversation on our forum: and in IRC (#uswpchat).

Anggota 179

Orientasi Kiri tengah, Liberal

Become a successful politician

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