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Formerly the Allied War Report

What Happened to BROS before hoes?

56 Hari ke 1,226, 18:49 Diterbitkan di USA USA

Troubling news out of Eastern Europe this evening. Our ally, Croatia, is on the verge of elimination. The dual pronged attacks of Hungary and Serbia, have brought this proud nation to her knees. Croatia has been reduced to two regions.

Yes, you

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Battle of Kalingrad!

4 Hari ke 1,223, 13:40 Diterbitkan di USA USA

The Terran Alliance is in the midst of a hugely important battle as we speak!
The battle between Poland and Russia for control of Kalingrad must be won!
If Poland wins,

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PANAM Success!

15 Hari ke 1,203, 16:21 Diterbitkan di USA USA

There has been a lot of discussion lately as to the state of the PANAM Alliance. Whether it is as strong as it once was, and what the United States’ role in it would be. Other members have called us out for being poor allies, and some have even

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Attempted Suicide

6 Hari ke 1,194, 10:58 Diterbitkan di USA USA

The world is in shock this morning after the attempted suicide of the well known philosopher Socrates. Many people know Socrates from the day that they were born. He was a kind soul, who guided them through this strange New World

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Constitutional Amendment or Congressional Power Trip?

14 Hari ke 1,188, 19:47 Diterbitkan di USA USA

For those that do not know, there was a very important amendment to the Constitution of the United States that was passed today. It deals with the recent struggle between the JCS and the Executive and Legislative branches of our government. The

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