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Formerly the Allied War Report

Karma Taco

7 Hari ke 1,055, 15:10 Published in USA USA

West Bengal, India - 10:30

Kind of funny what happens when you irritate your much larger, more organized neighbor. Eh India?
See you in a few days, once we reclaim what we

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How Far they Have Fallen

4 Hari ke 1,054, 14:39 Published in USA USA

Karnataka, India - 2:30
This morning, the Indian Parliament voted on a Declaration of War against the United States of America. As was expected, the vote passed easily. Although, a mere four months ago, this vote would of been earth shattering;

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9 Hari ke 1,042, 16:43 Published in USA USA

Singapore City, Singapore - 9:00

Shocking and disturbing news out of Singapore this morning. The massive multinational corporation Anonymous Designs (Muffling Intelligent Notions), announced that they have

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American Military Dominates Huns

37 Hari ke 1,035, 21:05 Published in USA USA

September 20, 21:00
American Military Personnel were reported being seen in Northern great Plain, Hungary. The region came under fire last night, as Romanian Forces poured over the border. By this morning, Hungarian troops (and their 13 Allies)

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