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Jeanlouis for Carinthia Congress Seat! [English/Deutsch]

5 Hari ke 1,158, 18:57 Austria

(English Version)

I hope this election’s manifesto will be more interesting than my last one in which I forgot to add in pictures. In addition, I will go into more detail since I … lebih lanjut »

France: An Ambassador's Report

5 Hari ke 1,149, 16:29 Austria

As you might have guessed by now, I have been appointed the … lebih lanjut »

The First Issue in Austria!

5 Hari ke 1,137, 16:08 Austria

(Pour ce message en Français, J’ai l’écrit en bas la section anglaise.)

‘The Britannian’ is currently experiencing some ‘remodelling’ as well as the addition of new features due to … lebih lanjut »

Jeanlouis en Auckland Encore!

0 Hari ke 1,129, 19:29 Selandia Baru

Alors, nous sommes retourné à ce fois du mois un fois plus: les élections législatives. Cependant, ce mois, il se présente dans une saison chargée : Le Noël ! Avant je parle des élections, je voudrais souhaiter aux gens qui célèbrent le Noël, un

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Jeanlouis for Auckland Once More!

2 Hari ke 1,129, 19:28 Selandia Baru

So, we’re once again faced with this time of the month again: congressional elections. However, this month it takes place in one of the busiest, and generally happiest times of the year: Christmas! I would first like to wish those who celebrate

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