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End of an Era

62 Hari ke 2,433, 11:01 Inggris Analisis dan debat politik Analisis dan debat politik

Long ago I started a solo campaign to improve the UK. I saw a great game and the UK was being held back. It was a place where you could only get ahead by chatting to the right people on … lebih lanjut »

[In Development] Perfect Progression - Military Effectiveness Calculator

6 Hari ke 1,488, 12:09 Inggris Interaksi sosial dan hiburan Interaksi sosial dan hiburan

I was wondering if I should be focusing on doing as many fights as possible per day or selling everything I make to do as much strength training as possible. I set out to investigate...

After slogging away in excel I realised that it was too much

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Sir Humphrey Appleby implements facism on the forums.

12 Hari ke 1,415, 13:03 Inggris Analisis dan debat politik Analisis dan debat politik

Sir Humphrey Appleby is banning anyone who starts a thread on the eUK forums which criticises him. He is also going against the moderation policy of the last several years by also deleting those threads. Finally he handed out two warnings to me to

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Introducing Imperialism: Painting the World British Red.

39 Hari ke 484, 06:07 Inggris

Imperialism: The control or rule by one country over areas outside its borders and an attitude of superiority.

Because of it one hundred years ago, the United Kingdom was the richest and most powerful country in the world. London was the … lebih lanjut »