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[Government] About the attack in Lower egypt

44 Hari ke 2,194, 14:02 Siprus Perintah perang Perintah perang

Panpas and every other person concerned.

We have opened a war against the Spangyptians.

1) The intention of the people was to conquer Sinai. As the eIsraeli people managed to pass … lebih lanjut »

[Government] About the matter of the so called "U.S ambassador of Israel"

23 Hari ke 2,191, 13:13 Siprus Analisis dan debat politik Analisis dan debat politik

Dear citizens of eCyprus,

Some of you may have seen this joke of an article , produced by Swat U.S, (self proclaimed) ambassador of U.S

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[Government] Tax return & commune payments

27 Hari ke 2,184, 12:56 Siprus Bisnis finansial Bisnis finansial

(crazy photoshop skills)

Dear Cypriots, thank you for not impeaching me the last two days :)
I was a little bit late with both the tax returns and commune payments.

On the matter of the
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[Government] Food for all & work Tax refund

29 Hari ke 2,180, 01:55 Siprus Bisnis finansial Bisnis finansial

First of all greetings! I hear your various cries and I try to answer

I hear you cry

Leave a comment here saying "

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CP program for November

43 Hari ke 2,177, 06:55 Siprus Analisis dan debat politik Analisis dan debat politik

Greetings panpas.

With this article I will try to communicate my thoughts and ideas i currently have for our Island. In case I won't get elected, I will try to actively push for the projects to the CP and his/her cabinet. So here goes...


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