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the blue light spills like oceans
we smile and let it in
it cures us of our questions
like hoods on peregrine

Mutual Protection Pacts are important...

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But lesbianhonest...this one is the most important.

This should be Campaign of the Day. What are y'all doing!?

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Would you like to make $150 salary? Are the taxes too high?

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The Socialist Freedom Party wants to lower taxes!

The SFP will pay you $150 salary to work and help lower … lebih lanjut »

[Wooky 4 Kongress] Blow a kiss, fire a gun.

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Do you recall, not long ago
We would walk on the sidewalk

Innocent, remember?
All we did was care for each other
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zomg socialists are bad!

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What you really came for, amirite?

[Note: if you enjoyed the bewb bouncing and just want free stuff, then just go to the end of this article, I’ll save you the time. :)]

Otherwise, I would like … lebih lanjut »

Why I joined the SFP, and never needed to looked back.

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This Proletariat has 3 topics.

1. Why has Waffenmeister not yet been approved his citizenship? Why was Murat denied citizenship again? Is it because of his … lebih lanjut »