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[MoF] Financial Report Week 1

8 Hari ke 2,277, 15:39 Jepang Bisnis finansial Bisnis finansial

Greetings, citizens.
This is the first financial report for this month. Here I will show you the income and expenses of our cabinet.

First of all, we got no … lebih lanjut »

[MoF] Organizations for rent

3 Hari ke 2,274, 13:50 Jepang Bisnis finansial Bisnis finansial

Hello, everyone.
This is the official notice of organizations, available for rent.
This topic is published in eJapan, and I have asked our MoFA to expand the … lebih lanjut »

[MoF] Org. prices and conditions [E]

21 Hari ke 2,268, 12:00 Jepang Bisnis finansial Bisnis finansial

This is part #2 of the national organizations rental. You can find #1 here
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[MoF] Renting national orgs

5 Hari ke 2,265, 23:09 Jepang Bisnis finansial Bisnis finansial

Hello, this is a public appeal towards you, the eJapanese citizens.
As you may have seen in the title, it's topic is "Renting national organizations".

eJapan … lebih lanjut »

Shinsengumi: The missing explanation

66 Hari ke 2,176, 20:58 Jepang Analisis dan debat politik Analisis dan debat politik

Ahoy, sailors

This is my own personal article containing an unofficial explanation for Shinsengumi’s standing towards the upcoming Country President elections.

Most of you have noticed the recent … lebih lanjut »