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Did you know that the word "style" gets ommitted from headlines? Neither did I.

National Shield 2 personal target data collection

23 Hari ke 2,310, 03:16 Amerika Serikat Analisis pertempuran Analisis pertempuran

Please shout for better data collection:

Find our targets.
Plato says,

- Each

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Sirius MPPs

22 Hari ke 2,293, 03:59 Amerika Serikat Perintah perang Perintah perang

Speaking of waking up and not being able to do the DO because it is set to Poland, our alliance partner, I took a gander at the MPPs of the members of our alliance, and found that Croatia, Turkey, UK, and Bosnia/Herz are places that have MPPs with

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Gold for short term gym contracts??

10 Hari ke 1,842, 16:52 Amerika Serikat Bisnis finansial Bisnis finansial

So, should a newb with default training groundses spend gold to get cheaper personal training for thirty days? Let's ask Ms. Day. The two factors to consider are how much strength is gained over the course of time, and how much gold is spent (again,

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Food price report day 1835 (3 good, 1 and 4+ bad, 2 meh)

11 Hari ke 1,835, 10:20 Amerika Serikat Bisnis finansial Bisnis finansial

With current food prices, one should buy three star food, hold two star food, and quicksell all other food.

This P/H graph shows the current price per unit currency for each

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