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United We Stand, Divided we Fall

Hari ke 1,846, 15:15 oleh Greek Ministry of Health

Salutations House of EDEN,

In pursuance of last events, we have to make it clear: EDEN Leadership and our nations neither supported nor approved the the deal between Romania and Hungary. With this being said, we are requesting Romania to do the right and the reasonable thing.
The Romanian government never asked for Ukraine’s acceptance on this agreement. Our duty as an Alliance is to stop it, our vision is to fix it. We are definitely supporting Romania in their forthcoming war against Hungary, but if it means that we’ll have to face abusive actions partaken by an EDEN member against another EDEN member, our position will be clear: EDEN will defend with maximum priority the abused country.

We are making an appeal towards both countries to solve this situation. Romania has to restrain itself in abusing another EDEN member, and in this global war, Romania and Ukraine, both, are on the same boat, so let’s fight together for Justice and Victory.

United we Stand, Divided we Fall
Victoria aut Mors


RoaiTG Hari ke 1,846, 15:16

Victoria aut Mors

klop123 Hari ke 1,846, 15:17

Victoria aut Mors

Seanan Hari ke 1,846, 15:18

Respect the Treaty of EDEN, Romania!

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Hari ke 1,846, 15:18

Glad to see article from EDEN again!

Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Hari ke 1,846, 15:18

Victoria aut Mors !

Romanian MUs ( Soimii Patriei, FAR,etc) are against the actions taken by the Romanian Government about Ukraine.

eIDF Reserves
eIDF Reserves Hari ke 1,846, 15:18


Sherky Hari ke 1,846, 15:19 you probably forgot some MPP ...

LitoII Hari ke 1,846, 15:19

Hell, it's true...

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Hari ke 1,846, 15:19

Victoria aut Mors!

4ndre1 Hari ke 1,846, 15:19


Prophet009 Hari ke 1,846, 15:19


Great job folks! I'm proud!
Who's next to sell?

mikel_ahone Hari ke 1,846, 15:20

Popcorns mode on. ENJOY THE SHOW GUYS.

Thanks EDEN for all the fun. I honestly hope you won't never dissapear. This game would be dead long time ago without you : )

Cosmin S
Cosmin S Hari ke 1,846, 15:20

: )

alpho Hari ke 1,846, 15:20

The Homeland Falcons - Romania (Soimii Patriei), reserves the right to help eUkraine regain any core regions held abusively by eRomania in the following days if eRomanian Government chooses to hold some of the eUkrainian core regions against eUkraine's will. We will not accept betrayal at this level.
We few, we happy few, we band of Brothers.

iAntonio Hari ke 1,846, 15:20

Congratz Nemesis, thats why nobody wanted you.
Victoria aut Mors

LitoII Hari ke 1,846, 15:20

And now I read the article.... speechless.

KOSOVA Batoa Hari ke 1,846, 15:21

Respect the Treaty of EDEN, Romania! x2

MermaidPrincess Hari ke 1,846, 15:21

Victoria aut Mors

Kyronte Hari ke 1,846, 15:22

Victoria aut Mors

pao 13 3 0 ante geia
pao 13 3 0 ante geia Hari ke 1,846, 15:22

Ναι καλα ,κανενα με τον τοτό ξέρετε;

SkiF UA Hari ke 1,846, 15:22

Respect the Treaty of EDEN, Romania!

Darkslowstar Hari ke 1,846, 15:23

Fail EDEN, you are taking a stand only when people from HQ have some interest there. Why didnt you intervened when Ukraine insulted us or when they pushed eMoldova into CoT arms (by tgis weaking our damage in battle).

RoteBaron Hari ke 1,846, 15:23

Victoria aut Mors

Z N Gorki
Z N Gorki Hari ke 1,846, 15:23


frogs Hari ke 1,846, 15:24

The plan was made so Ukr would have had congress with Bukovina liberated . Eden HQ knew this !

NueveOcho Hari ke 1,846, 15:24

Please EDEN don't dissapear
I love making lolper cry

Napoleon 54
Napoleon 54 Hari ke 1,846, 15:24


Remember what EDEN purpouse is.

Victoria aut Mors (EDEN moto) is in Romanian, correct me if im wrong.

So please Romanians respect firstly ur own language,ur own country ur own friendship.

None will respect u Romanian gov after this.

Find a solution with eUkr and build your future

eZombie Col
eZombie Col Hari ke 1,846, 15:24

Victoria aut Mors

qablo Hari ke 1,846, 15:24

Romania is the cancer of EDEN since 2009

AnilCal Hari ke 1,846, 15:24

Respect the Treaty of EDEN

Plainswalker Hari ke 1,846, 15:24

Seems like eRomania is headed TWO way.

Osman Ghazi
Osman Ghazi Hari ke 1,846, 15:25

Kick Romania from Eden

Hail Eden
Fail Romania

Nenya Hari ke 1,846, 15:25

United we Stand, Divided we Fall
Victoria aut Mors o7

Suriatex Hari ke 1,846, 15:25

Nemesis is TOving Romania.

How it feels Romania?

What about the "Nemesis inst part of Romania" speach???


FreeEnough Hari ke 1,846, 15:25

Well... after insulting Romanians, after betraying the brother of Romania, and after proposing to Hungary to attack together Romania, Ukraine couldn't expect smth else, don't you find? So your EDEN council stayed chill when Ukr made their mistakes, and now what? you're blaming Romanian government?

Hypocrisy as always.

CornelB Hari ke 1,846, 15:25

We are FAR, Romania's Top MU.

We shall follow RO interest's not RO government's abusive actions.

Thomas765 Hari ke 1,846, 15:26

Where was the article when Turkey invaded Israel?

EmperorNauf Hari ke 1,846, 15:26

We are FAR, Romania's Top MU. We follow RO's interests not RO government's abusive actions

@Nino: you are wrong

FrutekXXX Hari ke 1,846, 15:26

empty words, bcos we are NOT UNITED, is time to solve that problem not pushing this under the carpet, maby after that we can be united but just maby, we have to many problems and empty words will not solve that....

Suriatex Hari ke 1,846, 15:26


"Kick Romania of EDEN"???

Its easier Romania kick EDEN out of EDEN!!!


Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Hari ke 1,846, 15:26

@Napoleon 54: victoria aut mors is in latin ....ffs get your facts right

NueveOcho Hari ke 1,846, 15:26

@Napoleon 54, it is latin, not romanian

FreeEnough Hari ke 1,846, 15:27

Napoleon 54, it is in latin.

grimgod Hari ke 1,846, 15:28

Ayarcı namık : )

ardei9 Hari ke 1,846, 15:28

Popcorns mode ON.

Ameri Oprem Dobro
Ameri Oprem Dobro Hari ke 1,846, 15:29


redbody Hari ke 1,846, 15:30

Hail Romania!

Fail Romanian GOV!

Napoleon 54
Napoleon 54 Hari ke 1,846, 15:30

ok than, my mistake but still message is clear.

Try to build your future inside EDEN's purpose

Wildrunner Hari ke 1,846, 15:31

or what? you're gonna kick romania out? huehuehue

popcorn mode on

dr k
dr k Hari ke 1,846, 15:31

Kick Romania from Eden

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